Chapter 38 Nachum Efron, father of Yakov of Moscow, (Genkin branch)


There was a Nochum Ephron whose daughter was the grandmother of Cleveland, Ohio doctor Igor Genkin. I spoke with Igor on 6/19/2008. I found him through Jonathan Lewis, who found him by coincidence [INT021]


Nachum, b. approx. 1840. He may have been in the lumber trade, like his son Yakov. He may have had one or two siblings who emigrated to the US in the late 1880s.


>              Yakov, abt. 1865, d. 1943, married to Unknown Rumshisky, b. approx. 1865, d. abt. 1942. He died in his late 70s. He was in the lumber trade. He was evacuated to the interior of Russia prior to or during WW II. He had lived in Minsk or somewhere near there. He had four daughters.


Acknowledgements: Dr. Igor Genkin, Jonathan Lewis, Ruth Marcus


I contacted Ruth Marcus about her Rumshiskis family. They were related to her Eliashberg relatives who came from Ivenets and settled in Lunna. Note that there is a Nachum Efron in Lunna who could be the same as this Nachum, based on their dates of birth, but there were no known children of that Nachum whose names could have been Yakov. It may be that one of the sons of Nachum of Lunna whose history is unknown (Chatskel, Ruben, Leizer or Ben-Zion) is the same as Yakov. (It would be common to use a less Yiddish sounding name when living outside the shtetl in the Communist period.)


>              >              Fania (Feiga), b. 1899, d. 1985, Russia, married Unknown. She was the oldest.


>              >              Freida, b. 1903, married Unknown, d. She did not have children.


>              >              Dvorah, married Unknown, b. 1906, Minsk, d. 1977. In 1967 she moved to Nizhi Novogorod, a large Russian city. She was the grandmother of Igor.


>              >              Miriam, b. 1909, d. She did not have children.