Chapter 39 Abraham Efron of Mariampole (Waco, TX)


Abraham Efron, b. approx. 1820, d. before abt. 1866, married Bessie Freeman. His birth date is approximated based on the birth dates of his children. His death date is based on the assumption that his two grandchildren named Abraham were named after him.He may have lived in Mariampole.


Abe and Bessie Freeman are the names on the death certificate of Benjmain (abstract by Even before the death certificate of Benjamin was located, I had concluded that the common ancestor of the siblings was most likely Abraham because that is the most common names in the subsequent generations. Another reoccurring name is Israel.


Benjamin, Isadore and Ada Goldberg all immigrated to Texas. Mordecai Zvi’s children also came to Texas. Kalman is another sibling, based on the gravestone of Rachel (Efron) Israel. Rachel Israel is an Efron and obviously related, and since her father is not Ahraham, presumably her father was a brother to the other Texas Efrons.


The Texas family pronounces the name with a long “E.”


They were very active socially and commercially in the fabric of their various Texas communities, as reflected in numerous newspaper articles in The Dallas Morning News. For example, The Society news section of the newspaper would indicate when Efron family members would travel to other towns to visit family members. [MISC120 -MISC123, 125-126] The newspaper would identify financial and business news involving the Efrons [MISC124; 127-128; 132] or attendence at local social events [MISC129-130].


Occassionally, the bigger news stories would involve one of the Efron family members. In June, 1887, the body of a newborn was found in the sink of the privy of Isaac Efron of San Antonia. There was no suggestion that Mr. Efron was at all involved except that his residence was the unfortunate scene for this tragedy [MISC133]/


There are not many Jewish families in early Texas, though the state has its Jewish history. In early records there are some families with the name of Ephraim. There is a burial in Galveston, TX at the Hebrew Benevolent Cemetery, of Elias (1852-1914) and Sarah Ephraim (3/10/1863-8/31/1886), but they are not known to be related. Their daughter Bertha’s marriage to a Wagner is recorded in a Jewish newspaper. In the 1860 census there is an Ephraim family found in Brenham, TX, apparently living near Jewish families with the name of Levinson, and near a Schram family (Schram was the name of a business partner of Isadore). Like Elias Ephraim of Galveston, they have CT roots.


Abraham and Bessie had five known children:


Kalmon Ephraim

Mordecai Zvi


Israel “Isadore” (Isaac)

Ada (Chaia Chava?) Goldberg


Acknowledgements: Maxine Balaban, Lyall Rosenfield, Ken Berv, J.B. Ullman, Jr., Michael Eisner, Carol Dreyfuss, Carol Driscoll, Gail Granet Verez, Frankie Wolpin Ross, Ima Joy Gandler, Leonard Groen, Mike Levine, Fanchon Florsheim, Barry Effron, Dorothy Louise (Pandres) Green, Doug Gerash and Susie Brown of the Tyler Public Library, Mr. Werner of Congregation Beth El, Philip Leonard, Dr. Malcolm Mazow, Barry Lyle Efron, Merri Kirk, Jack Efron, Cafi Cohen, Linda Goldberg Ziegler


Kalman Ephraim, son of Abraham Efron of Mariampol


Kalman Ephraim Efron, b. approx. 1835, married Bessie Freeman. His name was learned from Rachel’s gravestone. That Rachel’s father’s name is Kalman is somewhat suspect: There does not appear to be anyone named for him and Kalman was also the name of the father of her husband, as indicated on her husband’s gravestone, which is right next to her’s. But this is also the name on her death certificate. The name Bessie Freeman is given as the mother on Ray’s death certificate [DEATH095]


Rachel Efron’s relation to the other Texas Efrons is not established with a lot of evidence. She is almost certainly related because we have a record of “M & M Israel of Corsicana” attending the 1891 wedding of Abraham Efron and Sarah Lewis. The Israel family initially lived in Texas. We have the 1910 census record showing Julius Efron, a nephew, living with them – though we don’t know how this Julius fits into the family! Her name as Efron appears on several records, including her death certificate. Although there is some possibility that her father’s name was not Kalmon, it seems probable that was his name, and that he was a son of Abraham Efron.


>              Ray (Rachel or Rae) Israel, b. 6/1859 or 1856, Russia, d. 8/27/1933, NY, marr. abt. 1877 or 7/18/1874 [ [DEATH095; memorial booklet] to Abraham (Aryeh Leib) L. Israel, b. abt. 1857 or 12/1859, Russia, d. 9/24/1926, NY [DEATH096]. [CEN0038; CEN1048; DIR062; CEM197] According to their gravestones, his father was Kalman and her father was Kalman Ephraim. His real name was Archik. (M. Balaban)  Son Harry’s gravestone reports his Hebrew name as “Aba Leib,” but the Aba may be in error, since this is derived from Abram, which is Harry’s Hebrew name. [CEM257] She had two additional children, who were deceased by 1900. Abraham was a rabbi and a mohel (LGR) A newspaper article in 1890 states that Rabbi Israel lived in Brenham, TX and circumcised the son of Mr. and Mrs. Marx of Corsicana [MISC031]. A Wikipedia entry indicates that the first Rabbi for Brenham’s new synagogue was Rabbi Israel.


According to the biographical sketch for Charles Elias, her son-in-law:

Mr. Elias married, March 1, 1903, in Worcester, Massachusetts, Ida Israel, of Houston, Texas, daughter of Abram and Ray Israel, her father a speculator in cotton.” [BIO023] In fact, Brenham is only about 25 miles from Houston.


Lyall remembers Rachel as living in Dorchester, a section of Boston, though this seems unlikely given that she is buried in NYC. Rachel was big, possibly 6’ or more, full but not fat (LGR).  In 1900, Abraham is a drummer (?). Abraham is listed in the 1886/87 Waco directory. In that same directory is a James Israel, blacksmith. Abraham was a Hebrew teacher in Texas (KB) and had his children go to Catholic School (KB). They moved to Worcester, MA probably because they had relatives there (KB). According to Maxine Balaban, the children were born in various places while enroute from TX to MA, but not according to census records, which says that nearly all of them were born in Texas except, possibly, the oldest, Ida, who was born in Russia, and the youngest , Ivan, who was born in MA. The directories of Worcester reveal that there are two other Abraham Israels in Worcester around the turn of the century.  In 1903 Abraham L. Israel is at 48 Southbridge with children Harry and Ida. In 1906 Abraham L., Harry, Isadore and Sophia are at 60 Prividence St. In 1909 Abraham has moved to Fitchburg. In 1909 there are two other Abraham Israels who live in Worcester, but they are still there after 1909, when Abraham has removed to Fitchburg. He may have moved to Fitchburg because his daughter married into the Ligham family, and there was a Ligom family (possibly related) in Fitchburg at that time. In 1910 Abraham and Rachel are living in Brooklyn with their nephew, Julius Effron. It appears that they continued to live in NYC for the remainder of their years.


I located their burial location by searching online. I first thought that they died in Boston, as I was told, but I found them listed in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in NYC, in the section for the Beth HaGadol Ha[verify] of the Bronx [CEM197]. Nettie and Nathan Rossovsky are buried in the same cemetery section – their location in that cemetery section is why I know they are the correct Rachel and Abraham Israel. Abraham and Rachel are buried side by side, and the birth and death dates on the graves match oral history and records, which is how I identified them. I actually identified them before I identified the Rosovskys. First I found who I thought were the correct Abraham and Rachel I then searched for any children who might be buried in that same cemetery section, including any “Nettie” (I did not know her married name at that time). There was a Nettie Rossovsky, and when I did a census search of that namer I found that she was born in Texas!


I received from Carol Dreyfuss a copy of a memorial booklet created at the time of Rachel’s death.  The dedication pages conclude with this paragraph:


"This memorial booklet is respectfully dedicated to her (Rachel's) memory and wishes. As devoted children who truly and dearly revered their mother, it is therefore only fitting that we should establish and maintain a family association and trust fund in her name and in her honor so that those of us who may in the future be in want for either relief or counsel will be as amply provided for as we most certainly would be were she alive."


The booklet also said that a fund for the family was set up in honor of Rachel. Thanks was given to Esther Schliffer and Harry Broder, friends to her during her last days.


Very close to their stones is a stone for a Mary Abrams, d. 8/29/1949 (Masha Rivka bat Yakov), age 88 (?) years, “mother ” but there is no reason other than physical proximity to believe that she is related.


Ken Berv remembered being told that the family came from Kovno Gubernia. Rachel had green eyes, as did Evelyn. Rachel was called “The General” because she ran a large household with authority. Ken was told that the family, like other Russian and Polish Jews living in NYC around the 1870s, were sent to Texas and given pieces of land in order to reduce their population in NYC. There were family reunions for the Efron and Israel families. The person who put together the reunion was a lawyer in Palm Beach, FL (source?). Ken was told that the Brofmans of Canada, a wealthy family, were related. Possibly, Edgar Brofman’s mother was an Efron. I did some research, and the name Efron does not appear in that family. Maxine Balaban remembers a family reuninon when she was 10 years old.


Maxine Balaban recalls that Rachel may have come from England and that Abraham’s real name was Archik.The Israel Family had a reunion some years ago in Palm Beach, FL, when Maxine Balaban was a girl.


Based on CEN2106, The only thing known about Abraham’s extended family is based on the 1920 census [CEN2106], when his brother and nephew lived with them.  Here then is the basic Israel family tree:


Unknown ISRAEL

>              Abraham, married Rebecca Efron.

>              Joseph, b. abt. 1867

>              >              Charles, b. abt. 1903, NY


They had eleven known children:


Ida Violet Elias

Harry Arthur

Sophie L. Ligham

Isador Philip

Evelyn Friedberg

Nettie Rossovsky

Barnard R.

Bert (Bertrand)

Irving (Ivan) Herbert

Two children, who died young.


>              >              Ida Violet Elias, b. 1/1880, TX, d. 2/22/1954, Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY, married 3/1/1903 in Worcester to Charles A. (Shloma Yankel) Elias, b. Russia 8/21/1879 or 1878, drowned 9/8/1934. [MAR161-SD; BIO023; CEM276-SD; NAT101; RS103; RS104; CEN0038; 1910 census; 1920 census; 1930 census]. They lived in Passaic though she was visiting her son Franklin when she died.  He was a victim of the SS Morro Castle fire along with 134 others victims. Ida and children were not on the ship. He was the president of Passaic Glass. In 1910 they lived in Brooklyn, but soon moved to Passaic [CEN10--; BIO023]. [NYT 9/14/1934 re: Charles Elias death]; [2/23/1954 NYT re: Violet Israel’s death].


According to Lyall Rosenfield, Ida’s son started Chase & Sanborn coffee. This does not seem possible given the history of that company, but maybe there is something to it. A brief history of this family was received through personal correspondence with one of their grandchildren [INT027]


Charles arrived at New York City from Hamburg in July, 1894 [NAT101-SD]


Charles was the son of Meyer Elias, born Eliasovitz. I know lots about Charles and his family. For example, see RS103 and RS104. The full story is here [GEN055], but this is the short story:


I helped the producers of the 2012 PBS T.V. series “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” to research two celebrities, TV journalist/interviewer Barbara Walters and Actor Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey Jr. is the son of Robert Downey, who was the son of Robert Elias (his birth father; he adopted the surname of his step-father), who in turn was the son of Joseph Elias of Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY.


I spent a lot of effort to locate the roots of the Elias family (and the roots of Joseph’s wife, Gussie (Goldberg) Elias). In the course of my research in early August, 2011, I did a Google search for the terms “Elias” and “Rockville,” the town on Long Island where Joseph Elias lived. One result looked promising, and then I saw it was my own website!


It was the fact that Ida Violet had died in Rockville Centre that brought me to my own website. Then, looking closer, I realized that Ida Violet’s husband, Charles Elias, like Joseph, was a glass merchant! So, Charles and Joseph seemed to be related, but at that point I did not know how. I later learned from a descendant of Joseph Elias that there was, in fact three Elias brothers: Joseph, Louis and Charles. She had learned about the family from a great-grandson of Charles, who I had also been in touch with years earlier – but about the Efron and Israel families, and here I was researching a completely different side of the family!


Some of the Joseph Elias family, like the Texas Efrons, came from the Mariampol area. As I researched the Elias (and related, old-world families) in Suwalk Gubernia records, I kept an eye out for Efron and related records as well. Eventually, I did find a few records, under the name of EFROS (see above), but nothing more from those sources.


Charles was a successful glass merchant in Passaic, NJ. He arrived in the US at the age of 13, in 1892, according toThe History of Passaic and Its Environs, a 1922 history where he is included in its biographical section of leading citizens of the city. There is also brief information about his wife and three children. [BIO023]


>              >              Harry Arthur (Avrum Hirsh) , 8/21/1883, TX, d. 10/30/1958 (LGR), married 5/2/1907 to Dora Pearlstein, d. 4/23/1974, Beverly, MA [CEN0038; CEN1049; CEN2145; CEN3181; OBIT024; CEM257]. He went to Austin, TX prior to being married, then to Boston by 1910. In 1910 he was a wholesaler in leather and was in the jewelery business by 1920. The 1910 and 1930 censuses say that he was born  in MA, but elsewhere records indicate he was born in Texas. In 1930 her brother Saul lives with the family.They are buried in Peobody, MA.


>              >              Sophie L. Ligham, b., 2/12/1885, TX, d. 1/1969, W. Orange, NJ [SSDI-], married 1910 in Manhattan to Saul Theodore Ligham, b. abt. 1886 or 1887, Russia or MA, d. 2/9/1958, Miami, FL [NYT obit; 1920 census 1219 Elder Ave., Bronx; 1910 census at West 157th St., Manhattan]. Initial clue beyond 1900 census came from Lyall Rosenfield.  His family lived in Worcester in 1900. Saul’s parents were Louis and Minnie and he had at least two sisters. [CEN1047 ]For some reason, the NY Times says his surviving widow is “Martha” (were they divorced and he remarried?). Sol’s family is in the 1900 census in Worcester.


There are other Lighams in Worcester [CEN2142; CEN2143] and some Ligoms in Fitchburg, MA [CEN1046] who appear to be Jewish. A Maurice Ligom of Fitchburg was born in “Sevnix, Kovno” and d. 1963, MA [MIL021; see also Death--].


In 1915, the family’s helper, Celia White, was bound and gagged in the family’s Worcestor home by two burglars. She courageously protected the family’s baby and telephoned an alarm that helped prevent greater loss than what was taken by the thieves. That little baby must have been Lois, who would later be Lois Granet of NJ. [MISC153]


>              >              Isador Philip, 10/30/1886, Waco, TX, married Bertha Unknown, b. abt. 1889, Michigan. They are in Flint, MI as early as 1918 [MIL017] and until at least 1930 [1930 census]. He worked building cars. In 1918 he works for Buick. He was deaf and mute. In 1909 he is a boarder at 29 Myrtle St., Worcester, and is working as a helper at 100 Bloomingdale St. [DIR062].


>              >              Evelyn Friedberg (Eva), 6/1888, Waco, TX, d. 1978, married and divorced Louis Friedberg, abt. 1885, NYC. Around November 2006 I spoke at length with Ken Berv who supplied many details. She had Green eyes. Louis was an auctioneer. They lived in Atlantic City, NJ where they owned an auction gallery along the boardwalk. Initially he was in nickolodeon business in NYC, near the turn of the century. He then married Evelyn and opened the Boardwalk Auction Gallery, Atlantic City-1920's. (K. Berv)


>              >              Nettie Rosovsky, b. 9/1891, TX, married Nathan Rosovsky [CEN2144; CEN3179]. He arrived in 1904. She is still l iving with her family in 1910 [CEN1048] She was a trustee of the Kletsk Yeshiva (NYT death notice of Nathan), which, according to internet research, became the Lakewood Yeshiva in New Jersey, one of the largest or the largest Torah academies in the US. Nathan was the brother of Herman and Vera Schwartz (Nathan’s death notice). Micki Balaban believes that Nettie was once editor of the needlepoint section of Vogue magazine, from the 1920s, and had a doctor son who was once stuck in Scotland. Nettie’s married name was determined because there was a Nettie found to be buried in the same cemetery section as Abraham and Rachel Israel [CEM197], and when found in the census, she was born in Texas, which also helped confirm that Abraham and Rachel Israel in the cemetery were correct. According to a ship arrival, Nathan arrived as Nochem Rossovsky, going to his cousin N. Rosoff [ARR--].


Julius Effron, who lived with the Israel family in the 1920s, worked for Nathan Rossovskyat the Elite Button Company (as did Joseph Israel and his son Charles, according to the 1920 census). According to their WW I draft registrations, both Julius and Nathan worked for the Elite Button Company. [MIL022] In the 1930s, the Elite Metal Specialties Company is in NYC and Louis Rose is the president. No further information about this Julius Effron has been located.


Nathan Rosovsky received patents on his metal fasteners and on an invention related to handbags.


According to the 1920 (1930?) census, Nathan is a manufacturer of Buttons. (from one of the censuses) Nathan arrived in 1904 was naturalized in 1909 and is a manufacturer of buttons.


She was related to the Gershwins. (Ken Berv).


>       >       Barnard R., 8/1893, TX, married abt. 1915 to Selma F., b. 10/27/1895, NY, d. 10/1986 [SSDI679]. In 1910 he is referred to as “Ben” and lives with his family [CEN1048; CEN3180]. Barney, with Ivan, owned music schools in Brockton, MA, Pawtucket, RI and other locations (M. Balaban). In 1920 they are living in Scranton, PA. In 1930 they are in Worcester and he is a teacher at a music school. In 1932 they run the Worcester Conservatory of Music. In 1937 Barnard is living with Bert and Irma. In 1946 Barnard and Bert are still owners of the Worcester Conservatory of Music, at 704 Chandler St., Worcester, MA. In 1950 Barnard and Selma live at 6 Brownell Cir., Worcester with children Howard and Abbott. In 1953 Barnard is an investment broker. As of 1962 this Israel family is no longer found in the Worcester directories. [DIR062]


>              >              Bert (Bertrand; Birdie) Eli, b. 5/31/1895, Corsicana, TX, married Anne W., b. 8/11/1900, d. 6/18/1992, New Haven, CT [D054]  In 1918 and 1920 they are living at 907 Triton Ave., NY, with his parents, uncle Joseph Israel and cousin Charles Israel, and cousin Julius Efron. [MIL018] They lived in Providence from at least 1930-1964 [DIR066], though Bert was in business with Bertrand in Worcester, MA as well. In the early 1940s they lived at 127 Pembroke Ave. in Providence. They both ran the Worcester Conservatory of Music [DIR062] and the Providence Institute of Music [DIR066; MIL019] in the late 1940s. In 1964 Anne W. Israel is the widow of Bert at 1 Rhode Island Ave. [Bert’s SSDI478?]


>              >              Irving (Ivan) Herbert, b. 4/16/1898, MA, d. 5/27/1970, Brooklyn, NY, married 1/22/1924, Bronx, to Anna Thron, b. abt. 1899, NY, d. 2/17/1990, NY [MAR020]. In 1930, he is in real estate. Ivan traveled between Toronto and Brooklyn several times in the 1930s and early 1940s. In the 1930s he is on a ship with Sol Ligham. In 1930 he is at 2010 Grand Ave. with Anna. They are buried in the Morris Goodman section of Mt. Hebron Cemetery [CEM198].  There are many people named Thron, Anna’s family name, buried in the cemetery section where Ivan and family are buried.


>              >              Two additional children had died prior to 1900 [CEN0038]


>              Abraham, married Edith Zarenbrosky. [MARR119] Their names were determined from the marriage record of Irene Solon. Abraham it seems was a brother to Ray (Efron) Israel because Julius Efron was identified as a nephew of Ray in the 1920 census, Julius listed Irene as his close relative on his WW I draft  registration card – presumably his sister; and Abraham is the father of Irene. By extension, then, if all assumptions are correct, Jack, Harry and Julius are also the children of Abraham and Edith.


There are records for Julius, Harry and Jacob Efron, all born in Mariampol. Julius and Jacob, if in fact they are two separate people, both lived at Tinton Ave. in the Bronx, with the Israel family. Harry is included because he and a Jacob Efron – maybe the same Jacob Efron -- emmigrated to Canada together. Another member of the family is Irene (Efron) Solon, wife of Meyer Solon. She was referenced on the WW II draft registration of the  Jacob who had lived on Tinton Ave. It is unknown how Rachel (Efron) Israel is an aunt to Julius and how she is related to Harry, Jack (Jake) and Irene, but based on age, she is probably a a sister of their father (which presumes they are all siblings).


The relationship between Jack and Julius Efron is not known. I spent many hours during Thanksgiving weekend, 2006, and subsequently, to try to track down a living relative of Julius or his cousins, the Israel family. The reason is that Julius arrived in the US in 1908, and he is likely closely related to the Waco/Corsicana Efron/Goldberg families. The Israel family was researched and contacted over the next several months and the basic family history for that family was finished in February 2007.  Without yet finding solid evidence of the connection to the Efron family, I nonetheless immersed myself in researching Israel family tree. It took quite a while to find a living descendent to interview, even after several days of dedicated research (as of 12/1/06). Later that day I found Lyall Rosenfield and we spoke for a while. He knew a lot about the family and gave some clues for tracking down the rest of the family.


>              >              Harry Efron, b. 1/4/1887, Marimpol, Poland. Harry Efron filed his declaration of intention for naturalization in Spokane, WA in 1919. According to that document, he arrived in the US in 1915 sailing from Hamburg to Galveston and he was born in Mariampol, Poland. His ship arrival manifest has not been located. Harry and Jack Efron took a ship to Vancouver, Canada on 5/19/1920, leaving from Spokane [Tacoma? – verify]. They are both born in Mariampol, and are going to be farmers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Jack goes by the name of “Jake.” [NAT96].


>              >              Julius Efron, b. 5/15/1892 or 7/15/1892, Russia, d. 4/1972, Brooklyn, [SSDI508; CEN1048; CEN2106; MIL002] married Helen, b. 10/6/1907, d. 2/23/1993, Brooklyn, NY [SSDI190]. He arrived in 1908.  In 1910 and 1920 he is living with the Israel family and is a nephew of Abe Israel. In 1918 he was at 907 Triton Ave., Manhattan, NY. As of 1918 he is not married. In 1925 he is Julius Ephron, a salesman residing at 907 Triton Ave. [DIR037]. As of 1940 [?] he is married to Helen and works for himself at 890 Rockaway Ave, Brooklyn and resides at 291 Thatford Ave., Brooklyn, NY. [WW II registration – “Juluis” Efron (sic)]. In the 1940 they are at 291 Thatford Ave, with no children.


[VERIFY: naturalization of Julius in the Pacific North??]

Naturalization, arrived as Yechiel Z (see naturalizations), going to his uncle Abraham Israel (cannot determine location – maybe is Mass?) [cite?]


>              >              Irene Solon, b. abt. 1896, Russia, married 2/25/1919, Bronx, NY to Meyer Solon, b. abt. 1893, Russia [MARR116; CEN2175; SSDI--]. Jack Efron lists her on his WW II draft registration cardas the person who will always know where he lives. She is probably the same Irene Solon who died in Mount Vernon, NY in October 1986 [SSDI--], though the birth date in the SSDI record differs by a few years from the 1920 census and marriage certificate birth date and there is no confirming evidence. In 1920 they were living on Bathgate Ave. in the Bronx and Meyer operates a lunchroom. Irene immigrated in 1912 and Meyer in 1911, and they were both naturalized in 1918 [CEN2175]. In 1920 they are living with the Berel and Mary Floper (??) family. They have not been located in the 1930 census. [Change marriage reference to MARR119]


>              >              >              Eleanor, b. 12/1919, d. 2/1920. [CEN2175; DEATH143] The family must have been in dire straits because Eleanor died of “malnutrition.” She was buried in a Jewish free burial society’s cemetery.


Eleanor was buried in Mount Richmond Cemetery (also referred to as “Oceanview” in New York by the Hebrew Free Burial Association, as indicated in her death record and confrimed by the cemetery.[Grave location according to cemetery records is Section 30 Row 8 Grave 64.] However, there is no record of either parent being buried there.


After about 3 hours of searching for Irene Solon (Dolan or Solan, according to Jack Efron’s WW II draft registration card) I started to find records for Irene and her husband Meyer Solon. Meyer’s WW II registration gives his address as 1436 Crotona Park East, Bronx – a match to the address on Jack Efron’s card. In the 1920 census they have a daughter, Eleanor, born 1920. Meyer was born 1893 in Litovsk. In the 1920 census, Irene was born 1899. I couldn’t find them in the 1930 census, but when I checked the ItalianGen’s NY marriages index, right away I found Meyer, and lo and behold, his wife is IRENE EFRON! Up to that point, I did not know what relation this “Irene Solon” on Jack Efron’s WW II registration might have to him.


I found them in the 1940 census, with children Annette and Bertram.


>              >              Jack Efron, b. 1/1/1897, Suwalki, Poland. He reports that he lives at 907 Tinton (Triton?) Ave., Bronx on 12/25/1925. [NAT024, MIL048]. In 1922 he lived at 1292 Washington Ave. According to his naturalization papers, he arrived on 5/2/1912 at Galveston, TX on the Breslau, sailing from Bremen. This ship manifest has not yet been located. Triton Ave is the same place where the Israel family lived with their nephew Julius Efron in 1920.


Benjamin Efron, son of Abraham Efron of Mariampol (Waco)


Benjamin J. Efron, b. 1/5/1841 or abt 1842, 1845 or 9/1851, Russian Poland or Germany [CEN8005; CEN0027; CEN1019; CEM248; NAT090], d. 9/15/1913 [F&P], Waco, TX, married Sophia Levine, b. 12/17/1846, Poland, d. 1/15/1897 [CEM248], Waco, TX.  Arrived 4/15/66 or 1868 at New York.  Benjamin was a dry goods merchant, and his neighbors, The Chambers, are Germans in the same trade who arrived in the US at about the same time, in 1900.  In 1920, he is a retailer. Benjamin was one of the 20 incorporators of the Hebrew Benevolent Association, according to Texas State Charter 157 (5/12/1873) [PODET]. Benjamin died of chronic Bright’s disease, according to the records of Fall and Puckett Funeral Home. Unlike most Jewish grave markers of that era, there is no Hebrew inscription for Benjamin and Sophia to indicate their Hebrew names and Hebrew patronymics. He was naturalized in 1891 [NAT097]. He lived in Waco since 1868. [OBIT066]


Sophia’s family name, Levine, is given on several of the children’s birth certificates, abstracted by


Benjamin, Sophie, Raye, Marie, Abe, Hannah, Lape I., Harry N., Israel and Lillian are all buried at the Hebrew Rest Cemetery in Waco.  Benjamin was one of the incorporators of the cemetery, on May 12, 1873. [Verify whether or not Goldberg was also an incorporator.] The Goldbergs have a family plot next to the Efron Plot, and Meyer Efron is buried elsewhere in the same cemetery.[CEM248]


>              Raye (Rachel) (Amy?) Cohen, b. 9/27/1866, Poland, d. 7/25/1947 [CEM –; ~CEN00; CEN1077; CEN3147], married abt. 1900 to Isadore (Isaac) Cohen, d. before 1930. They settled in Indianapolis. In 1910 they live in Muncie, IN. She was back in Waco in 1930. [OBIT066]. He had at least four children from a previous marriage [CEN1077]


She is buried in Hebrew Rest cemetery in Waco in the family plot. On the back of the Efron monument is a Hebrew inscription that reads: “Raye Efron Cohen” and the Hebrew date [verify from photo, and make sure that there is not more information here]. In English it says: “Raye Efron Cohen, Sept. 29, 1866 – July 25, 1947.” [CITE]


>              Marie Rosenbaum, b. abt 1873 (or 4/24/1876 or 5/1878), TX, d. 7/19/1968, Waco, TX [CEN0027; SSDI502; DEATH014], married Louis (Lazarus) Rosenbaum. Their two children did not marry. [verify: get 1920 census; could not find in other censuses] [OBIT066]


>              >              Sophie Adele, b. 7/27/1907, d. 10/17/1984 [CEM--; DEATH NDX TX]


>              >              Morris, b. 1912. [verify: get wwII and vet cemetery data]


>              Hannah, b. 9/13/1877 ( or 8/1978), Texas, d. 3/17/1971, Waco [CEM248; CEN0027; CEN2103; SSDI173].  She never married.  Hannah is not in the 1880 census with the rest of the family. At the Efron plot at Hebrew Rest cemetery is a head stone inscribed: “Hannah Efron, Sept. 13, 1877 – Mar. 17, 1971.”


>              Abe “Abe Jr.”, b. 9/27/1878, Waco, TX, d. 9/29/1906 [CEM248; CEN0027]. According to the records of the Fall and Puckett Funeral Home, he was “Abe Jr.”  His cousin was also “Abraham Efron,” of Dallas, and it is likely because that Abraham was born before this Abraham, this Abraham received “Jr.”as an addition to his name. He was a salesman of dry goods and died of “congestion.” [OBIT067]


On the right side of the Efron monument at Hebrew Rest is inscribed

“In Loving Memory of our Abe

Beloved Son of Ben and Sophia Efron

Born in Waco Tex., Sept. 27, 1878 – Died Sept. 29, 1906

None Knew Him But to Love Him

None Named Him But to Praise.” [cite--]

[verify from photo that inscription does not end with the word “him.”]


>              Leopold (Lapel) “Lape” Isadore (“Lape I.”), b. 11/ 16/1879, Texas, d. 1/2/1959 [CEM248; CEN0028; CEN1022; CEN3148; MIL014], married Owen [sic?] Reilly, according to the 1910 census.  In 1918 he lives at home but works for Snelling and Sung Clothing Co., Broad and Malliere Streets, Philadelphia. In the 1920 and 1930 censuses he is “single” and is a salesman (of abacuses (?) according to the 1930 census)). He was with Owen in San Antonio in 1910. According to the San Antonio directory for 1910-1922, he is Lafe I. Efron, a traveling salesman staying at the Freemont Hotel and works for AB Frank Co. [DIR058]  In 1900 he was with his uncle Isreal in San Antonio.  In 1930 he is living with his sister Nettie and her family in Chicago.


On the left side of the Efron monument at Hebrew Rest cemetery is inscribed:

“Lape I. Efron, Nov. 16, 1879 – Jan. 2, 1959” [cite]


>              Hallie, b. abt. 1883, Texas [~CEN00; CEN1019].  This could be the “Lon I.”, age 40, who is a sister of Lillian in the 1920 census.


>              Israel, b. abt. 1/1885, d. 5/2/1886 [CEM –]


>              Harry Nathaniel, b. abt 12/1882, 12/27/1885, 1886 or 12/23/1884, Texas, d. 3/9/1954 [CEM248; CEN0027; CEN1019; CEN2103; CEN3147; MIL015]. In 1918 he lives at home with his family and works for Efron & Florsheim of 705 Houston St., N. Loome, TX. He never married. On the left side of the Efron monument at Hebrew Rest cemetery is inscribed: “Harry N. Efron, Dec. 27, 1885 – Mar. 9, 1954.”  [cite]


He does not appear to be the same as the Harry Effron who was naturalized in Spokane, WA, and is conjectured to be a nephew of Ray Israel (see above). These two Harry’s were born around the same time, and both have origins in the city of Mariampole. The Harry in Spokane immigrated in 1915, however, whereas this Harry was born in Waco.


>              Nettie Florsheim, b. 9/17/1887, Texas, d. 4/-/1978 [CEN0027; CEN1019; SSDI473; CEN3148; SSDI512], married abt. 10/1914 to Sylvan H. Florsheim, b. 1/18/1879, LA. In 1930 they live in Chicago where Sylvan is a traveling saleman. His parents are Simon and Ida (Prager), who were married in St. Louis in 1864 (Ancestry searches). He had a sizeable family, headed by his widowed mother, living in Louisianna. In 1930, Leopold lives with them.


>              >              Simon, b. abt. 1918, TX, married Fanchon.  Fanchon is related to the Brands. I telephoned Fanchon in 2006, who was very pleasant, but did not know much about the Effron family history. They did have children.


>              Lillian, b. 8/17/1891, Texas, d. 10/30/1975, Waco [CEM248; ~CEN00; CEN1019; CEN1077; CEN2103; CEN3147; SSDI176].  She never married. She is also enumerated in 1910 living with her sister Rae [CITE]. She is enumerated in the 1910 census both in Waco and in Muncie, while living with her sister.


On the left side of the Efron monument at Hebrew Rest cemetery is inscribed: “Lillian Efron, Aug. 17, 1891 – Oct. 30, 1975.” [cite]


Israel (Isadore) Efron, son of Abraham Efron of Mariampol (San Antonio, TX)


Israel “Isidore”, b. abt 1847 or 12/1848, Poland, married Sarah Bunch(?) [verify maiden name], b. abt 1859, Poland [CEN8005; CEN0028].  He was naturalized in McLennan County prior to 1900. In 1900 He lived in San Antonio, Bexar County.  Emma Bunch, Israel's sister-in-law, lived with them in 1900. He arrived in the US in 1871 [NAT098]


He was a merchant, and even as early as 1887 his business dealings can be foun in the local newspapers. In 1903 he declared bankruptcy for his Cotton and Wool wholesale business in San Antonio. His creditors were in Japan, Philadelphia and New Orleans. Locally, he owed money to D&A Oppenheimer of San Antonio. [MISC127]; He also travelled to NY to do business [MISC131], and his business with Schram, which had an office in NY, failed in 1887 [MISC132].  In 1903 he and Sarah sued Ben and Ida Hansel for what appears to be a failure to pay a debt (perhaps a mortgage), but the case was dismissed. [MISC128]


He is probably the Isaac Efron who, with his partner Samuel Schram, lost a shipment of goods because of a shipwreck. Because of the loss, the firm of Efron & Schram, dealers in Cotton, Wools and Hides, at 108 Cliff  NY, stopped payments for about $25,000 in debts in October, 1887. They were in business in San Antonio, El Paso, Laredo and Saltillo, Mexico. Isaac Efron, according the article in the NY Times, was from Texas and Samuel Schram was manager of the NY office. [NYT029]. No further records for a Samuel Schram could be located.


In 1914 Sarah is now Sarah I. Adler, the wife of Abraham Adler. In 1920 (census), in San Antonio, she is 58 and is married to Abraham Adler, 59. Living with them is Abraham’s sister-in-law Gussie Goodman, 60, widowed, and his brother-in-law (sic?) Nat Goodman. 27, single. She was the widow of Meir J. Goodman


Mordecai Zvi Efron, , son of Abraham Efron of Mariampol


Mordecai Zvi Efron, b. approx. 1848, d. after 1892 (based on the birth date of Ida), married Hannah Freedman. If he was married only once, then his wife had children spanning 26 years. This suggests that the first one was born when she was young, e.g. 18 years old.  In that case she was born around 1848 and he was likely born around the same time. 1848 is also in line with the dates of birth of his siblings.


On Jacob Aaron’s death certificate his parents’ names are given as Marcus and Hannah Freedman [].


As of May, 2012, the only old world records of this family were:


1. An 1885 death record found on LDS film 2205115, and abstracted by the Suwalk Research Group of the Litvak SIG. There is recorded the death of Pinkhus EFROS, son of Mortkhel Girsh and Khana Mera (FRIDMAN) on July 31, 1885. Unlike other records, his age is not recorded. He died in the city of Mariampol, but was a resident of the town Igliuvka.


2. A 1912 death record found on LDS film 2205118, and abstracted by the Suwalk Research Group of the Litvak SIG. There is recorded the death of Khana-Mera FRIDMAN, daughter of Girsh and Rivka (ZALINGER). Her husband’s last name was EFROS. She died on 10/7/1912 and was 73 years old. She died in Mariampol, but was a resident of Iglevka.


Each of the above two death records has as a witness: Itsko Leiba FREZINSKIY, a sexton, who was born in 1849.


There is also a birth record from this collection:



Borukh Leiba EFROS, son of Mortkhel Girsh b’ Abram and Khana Mera (FRIDMAN), born in Mimovka.

Note: Father signed in Hebrew EFRAT, laborer, 44. Mother 40. Registered 18-Jan-1878 Witnesses: Sanel YANKELSON, sexton, 69. Movsha SOLNIK, shopkeeper, 37


Do these records mistakenly identify the family as EFROS, or maybe the Texas clan were all named EFROS, originally, and somehow was changed to EFRON.


Igliauka is in Lithuania and is located at coordinates N 54° 34' 0'' E 23° 39' 0''
54.56667 / 23.65, to the west of Preinai and Balberiskis. It will not show up on most maps.


This son of Abraham Efron was determined from the headstone of Meyer Efron in the Hebrew Rest cemetery. The headstone indicated (in Hebrew) that “Mordecai Zvi” was the father of Meyer, and therefore, he was the father of Meyer’s siblings Abraham, Jacob Aaron, Meyer, Ida and Leah Efron, all who came to Texas.  There was at least one more brother [OBIT--]. There is no record that Mordecai Zvi came to the U.S.


Initially, it was not known that Abraham and Leah were brother and sister to Jacob Aaron, Meyer and Ida. On 7/29/06 I spoke with Dorothy Louise (Pandres) Green who told me this information. She was then about 91 years old. She was the grand niece to Abraham Efron through his wife, Sarah Lewis Effron, and Dorothy actually lived with them at one time. Her parents were Ed and May (Mae) (Levinthal) Pandres, who were either divorced early or the mother died young. Mae Levinthal was the daughter of Dave and Hannah Levinthal of Tyler, TX. Dave was born in Russia and was 46 in 1910 (census). Dave was a brother to Sarah Efron of Tyler.


An arrival of a Benjamin Efros in 1889, who was born in 1842, could be Benjamin Efron, although he immigrated earlier than that. He may have re-immigrated in 1889.


Igliauka is in Lithuania and is located at coordinates N 54° 34' 0'' E 23° 39' 0''
54.56667 / 23.65, to the west of Preinai and Balberiskis. It will not show up on most maps.


Their five known children are:




Jacob Aaron

Leah Keller

Ida Keller


There was a sixth child, according to the obituary of Abe Efron [OBIT068]. It may be that one of Abe’s uncles was mistaken for his brother.


>              Abraham Efron, b. 3/7/1866 or 3/7/1867, Russian Poland, d. 6/23/1906 [OBIT068], married 1/18/1891 in Limestone, TX or Dallas to Sarah Lewis (MAR Record; MISC--), b. 5/4/1872, Germany, d. 6/15/1957, Tyler, TX [CEN0025; CEN1025; CEN2105; MAR from FamilySearch.Org; CEM190; CEM248]. They lived in and around Dallas. At his time of death they were living in Tyler, TX with her sister, Mrs. (Sarah, wife of David )Levinthal. They had lived in Tyler for about a year, and prior to that he was living in San Antonio, and had also lived in Ennis and  Mexia. [OBIT068] They did not have any children.


The wedding of Abraham and Sarah was a very large celebration. Among the guests were Efron relatives Benjamin Rosenberg of Corsicana, Abraham and Ray Israel of Corsicana, Isadore and Sarah, “aunt and uncle of the grroom of San Antonio” (who gave them a $1250 check), Mr. Keller of Itasca, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen of Brenham, Mr. and Mrs. B. Efron of Waco; Myer Efron of San Antonio and Mr and Mrs. J. Goldberg of  Waco, May Efron of Waco, Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg of Corsicana. [MISC135; MISC136]


Benjamin Efron and son were among those who attended the funeral of Abraham [MISC134] Also buried at Beth El cemetery (Part of the Oakwood Cemetery, Tyler) were Dave and Hannah Levinthal, Mae Pandres and Leon and Retta (Lazarus) Levinthal.


In 1910 Sarah is a widow and is living in Tyler at 720 S. Broadway [DIR080]. In 1930 she is living in Dallas with her nephew, Ed Pandres, and grand-niece, Dorothy Pandres (later, Dorothy Green). [CEN--]


DorothyPandres Green remembers Sarah because she and her father, Ed Pandres, had lived with her (Ed was Sarah’s nephew). Dorothy remembers that Abe of Gonzales (outside of San Antonio) was a nephew of Sarah’s. She also remembers the Keller family. She was told that Sarah and her husband were married at the Dallas Opera House and she knows that they had no children.She pronounced the name with a long “E. “


>              Meyer, b. May, 1872 Russian/Poland, d. 6/9/1909, Yorktown, TX [CEM –], married Raye (Racci) Brand, b. 3/5/1884, NY, d. 2/2/1964 [CEN0029; CEN1024; CEN2104; SSDI174; OBIT069; CEM248].  He lived in San Antonio in 1900, and was naturalized before then. She lived in Houston from 1910 through 1920.  Her parents were Joseph and Sarah Brand of Houston. Fanchon Florsheim is from the Brand family. He was a traveling salesman.


He is buried at the Hebrew Rest cemetery in Waco.  His grave has the Masonic emblem and says: “Meyer Efron, b. February 15, 1873, died June 9, 1909. “They who knew him best will bless his name and keep his Memory Dear While Life Shall Last.” On the back in Hebrew it has R’ Meyer Yitzchak, son of R’ Mottle Tzvi Efron” and the Hebrew date. Raye is buried in the Beth Israel cemetery in Houston with her son Meyer and his family.


Philip Leonard, a genealogy hobbyist, assisted with some of this family. He sent emails in 11/2006. For example, he says that “The BRANDs are an old JEWISH FAMILY in Laredo and San Antonio.  THey had a large fancy department store.  They are intermarried with the ALEXANDER and Daiches family.”


>              >              Meyer "Bubba", b. abt. 8/13/1909, Bartlett, TX (Bell Cty), d. 7/27/1995, Houston [CEN1024; CEN2104; SSDI193; OBIT -- ], married 1. Florence Marie “Big” Levy, b. 10/1/1914, d. 1/7/1958  Raye, Meyer, Bubba and Peggy Ann are all buried at the Beth Israel cemetery on West Dallas St. in Houston, TX. [CEM248]


>              >              married 2. Jeanette Oshman. She uses her maiden name. [1995 Who's Who in America]


>              >              Miriam Harriet Mazow, b. 3/23/1908, Texas, d. 12/13/1991 [CEN1023; CEN1024; CEN2104; SSDI474], married abt. 6/1930 to Fred David Mazow. In 1910 she lived in Bartlett, TX (Williamson Cty.) with her mother and grandfather.


>              Jacob Aaron “Jake” Efron, b. 1873, 1/16/1875, abt. 1876, or 1/16/1879, Mariampole, Poland (“Marinpoll”), d. 5/20/1930 or 5/2/1930 [CEN0026; CEN1044; ~CEN20; ~CEN30; NAT091; MIL001], married 2/14/1909, in Gonzales, TX, 2/14/1909 to Sweetie Rae Joseph (also Raye), b. 1/19/1892 or 1/9/1892, Gonzales, d. 3/27/1944, Gonzales. She lived her entire life in Gonzales. She was the daughter of S. Joseph of Germany and Sarah Greenthal, who was born in Brooklyn.[CEM248; DEATH144] They were married by Rabbi Samuel Marks of San Antonio [MAR117]. "Jacob A. Efron" is was naturalized  in McLennan County, TX (that is, Waco) after having arrived at NY in 1889 [NAT091; ARR298] and was living at Gonzales in 1910 and in 1918 when he registered for the draft. In 1910 he has a grocery store. They are buried in the Gonzales cemetery at Water St. and Cone St. in Gonzales, TX. [CEM248]. The midwife for both of their children was Blossom Friedman [BIR041; BIR042]


>              >              Abe Morris (or Maurice), b. 11/22/1911 (also, 11/15/1912), Gonzales, TX [BIR041], d. 4/20/1999, San Antonio, TX [~CEN20; SSDI659], married Ellen Rae Penne


>              >              Soline Robertson, b. 10/7/1914, Gonzales, TX, married 7/3/1935 to H.O. Robertson [BIR042; MAR118]


>              Leah Keller, b. abt 1880, Poland, d. 7/22/1955 [CEM181], married abt 1900 to Jacob “Jake” Keller, b. 4/10/1876 or 4/1877 or 10/13/1878, Russian Poland, d. 5/23/1966 [verify] or 3/1964  [CEM182; CEN0034; CEN0025; CEN1021; CEN2135; CEN3149; SSDI504; WW I reg].  In 1917, he is in Pawtuska, OK, and at Pawhuska Furniture Co. Leah’s sister Ida also married a Keller. Jake arrived in 1895 and in 1930 owns a credit office. Leah came from Mariampol [ARR208] Leah sailed on the Persia from Hamburg to NY in 1895 [ARR208].

Ida Efron was a sister of Leah Efron and their brother was Abe.  My grandmother, Leah and her sister Ida, married brothers, (Max and Jacob Keller).” (M. Kirk)


In the 1900 census, Leah Efron is living with her brother and sister-in-law, Abraham and Sarah Efron, in Ennis, Ellis Cty, TX. Miss Leah Efron lives in Ennis as of 10/13/1900 (Dallas Morning News), and in the same article, there is a J. Keller of Hillsboro. As of 7/27/1907, Mrs. M. Efron of Bartlett is visiting Mrs. Jake Keller of Hillsboro (Dallas Morning News). As of 2/8/1908, Mrs. Efron of Tyler is vising Mr. and Mrs. Jake Keller of Hillsboro (Dallas Morning News).


>              >              Harold S. Keller, b. 8/29/1902, TX, d. 10/18/1972, Tulsa, OK [CEM183; SSDI505; CEN2135; CEN3148], married Nora Efron (see note below, d. 12/9/1983. [SSDI506; CEM184] I assumed that she is Harold’s wife, based on the cemetery record showing her buried next to him. He lives at home in 1930. Her name was Nora Efron and she was from Minneapolis.


>              >              Dorothy K. Futor, b. 12/4/1905, TX, d. 2/8/1994 or 2/11/1994, Tulsa [CEM185; SSD507-; CEN3149], married Milton Futor, b. 10/3/1901, d. 11/15/1978, Princeton, NJ [CEM186; SSDI---]. They lived in Tulsa, OK. [His name is derived from SSDI record.] In 1930 she lives at home and is a teacher. They did not have children.


>              >              Hannah Irene Blufston Renberg, , married to Warren Blufston, b. 6/3/1916, d. 9/3/1978.


>              Ida Efron, b. abt. 1892, married Max Keller. She lives with her sister Leah Keller and Leah’s family in the 1910 and 1930 census. [CEN1021; CEN3222] According to Merri Kirk, she married her brother-in-law’s brother, Max Keller, later in life, and she is buried in Atlanta, GA. In 1930, she is still unmarried. They did not have children


Jake Keller is single and lives with his brother Max’s family in 1900 in Hillsboro, TX. Max Keller, a saloon keeper in Hillsboro, TX, brother of Jake Keller, also married a Leah. Her maiden name is Greenstone, and her family tree is on the FamilyTreeMaker website 12/2007. This has caused confusion, because Leah Efron Keller’s sister, Ida, also married a Jake Keller’s brother Max.


In the 1904 Jewish Year Book is a list of biographical sketches which include a Julius (verify) Greenstone who came from Mariampole, but no other indication that he is connected to the Greenstone who married Max Keller (but verify by checking the Greenstone genealogy online to see if Julius fits in).


Max Keller has children Willie and Julian, both born in Texas, but they moved to NYC later on. Max and Leah came from Russian Poland. [CEN0034] In 1930, Julian Keller lives in the Bronx with wife Rose and 1 year old son Israel. In the 1910 census Max and Leah live with William, 13 and Julian, 9, in Manhattan. In 1920 they still live with Willaim and Julian. Max runs a hardware store. In 1930 Julian lives in the Bronx with wife Rose and son Isreal, who is 1 5/12 on 4/8/1930 (b. abt. 11/28)


Ada (Efron) Goldberg, daughter of Abraham Efron of Mariampol


Ada (Chava Chaia or Chana Chaia) Goldberg, b. 1853, d. 4/9/1895 [Verify old DEATH record--; Obit (CC)], Waco, TX, married 1872 to Julius (Avraham Yehuda) Goldberg, b.1850, Lithuania, probably Vladislavov or Neustadt-Schirwindt, close to the the German border, d. 11/25/1922, Waco. His family is outlined in a family history posted to Ancestry by Cafi Cohen.


At t he time of his death he had been president of Agudath Jacob for 25 years. He remarried after her death to ---. His obituary has a long list of his pall bearers, including M. Cohen, but no Efrons. Their gravestones, at Hebrew rest cemetery, have Hebrew inscriptions. (CEM—sent to me by Cafi Cohen) Hers includes the English date of 1853-1895. Her family name was taken from the death certificate of her son, Barner (see below)


Her relation to the Efron family was first determined from her death record, showing that Ada Goldberg of Waco’s maiden name was Efron. Based on her age, maiden name, and that she i buried next to the Efron family plot at Hebrew Rest cemetery, she must be a sister to the oldest Waco generation of Efrons. [Is her father’s name on any records?]


The [Goldberg? Efron?] family is believed to have come from Czestechowa, Poland, but nothing indicates a connection between that location and any location named “Mariampol” or the like, which is the origin o f Benjamin and Israel.


Cafi Cohen compiled the family history of this branch. He had four sisters: Dora Berlowitz, Fannie Berkman, Jennie Cohen, and Sarah Blumberg. Sarah did not immigrate.


Linda Goldberg Ziegler's notes on Goldberg origins were transcribed from a typewritten copy by Cafi. Her manuscript date is July 21, 1991 (possibly, per Cafi). Cafi notes that Linda did not know that Ida Goldberg's maiden name was Efron/Effron, but she does have information about Goldberg family origins in Europe. Cafi learned of her maiden name from Barner Roy Goldberg's death certificate. [GEN038]


>              Celia Cohen, b. 11/15/1873 or 11/25/1873, Waco, TX, suicide 6/14/1915, Seabrook, TX, married 1899 to Moses David Cohen. Melvin David’s recollections are contained in Cafi’s genealogy. They lived in Houston. His parents were Solomon and Goldie and they came from Czestochowa and their original name was apparently KORN. After Celia’s death he married Mamie Stein.


>              >              Chester Saul, b. 1/24/1903, Houston, TX, d. 6/29/1992, San Rafael, CA, married abt. 6/1934 and divorced 1/15/1938 to Helen Bradshaw. He has 2 children, but it is not certain by which wife.


>              >              Married 2. Unknown.


>              >              Melvin David, b. 11/8/1906, Houston, TX, d. 8/15/1994, San Antonio, TX, married to Betty Brown, b. 12/20/1922, d. 9/9/2003, San Antonio, TX. They have two children.


>              Ray Rosenberg, b. 2/2/1876, TX, d. 4/10/1965, Corsicana, TX, married abt. 1893 to Benjamin Rosenberg, b. abt. 1864, Poland, d. 1965, TX. They lived in Corsicana, TX. He had a successful hardware and wagons business in Corsicana.


>              >              Ivan, b. 8/4/1895, Corsicana, TX, d. 4/24/1976, Corsicana, TX. He was married. They did not have children.


>              Adolph b. 1/6/1883, d. 5/26/1952, L.A., CA, married Rachel Adams, b. 9/22/1887, d. 2/15/1950, Waco


>              >              Lawrence Adams, b. abt. 1910


>              Lena Bodenheimer, b. abt. 1886, married Gabe M. Bodenheimer, b. (d.???) 11/5/1910 [sic – verify – married? Died?], Houston. He was from an old Shreveport, LA family, where his father was a doctor. She lived in Corsicana until at least 1910. After two of their children were born they moved back to LA.


>              Barner Roy, b. 3/19/1888, Waco, d. 7/1/1970, Waco, married to Josephine Levy of Corsicana. His death certificate identifies his mother as Ida Efron. [DEATH145] He lived his entire life in Waco. Like his father, he was president of the Waco synagogue. He is buried at Hebrew Rest Cemetery.


>              >              Lewis “L.C.,” married to Unknown. She was a Methodist.  He was an A&M graduate in Civil Engineering.


>              >              Ida Adams, b. abt. 1914, Waco, TX, d. 3/1989, married Cyril S. Adams. He is from an old Waco family. He was a civil engineer and taught at A&M University. Ida was an excellent bridge player.


>              Harry, b. abt. 1890. He emmigrated to California at an early age, married and raised a family there.