Chapter 4 Nachum Efron, father of Isaac of Lunna


Nachum Efron, b. approx. 1855. His name was determined from the gravestones of Hyman and Isaac [CEM034; CEM065].


He had a brother Jacob, perhaps, based on the arrival of a Nochim Efron in NY who is going to his brother J. Efron on Monroe St. in conjunction with the arrival of Yankel Efron, possibly the one who is a son of Nochim, below, who is going to his uncle Jacob Efran, also of Monroe St. [ARR092]


Nochim had three known sons, but more information is needed to verify the relationship of this Nachum to his sons. There appears to have been other Nachum Efrons in Lunna, or maybe they are one in the same and there were multiple marriages.


His children were:


Hyman (Chaim Meyer)




He may be the Nochem Effren who arrived in the US in 1903. That Nochem was a 40 year-old shoemaker who had last lived in Lunna and was going to his brother “J. Effren,” of 91 Monroe St. in New York City [ARR092]. Another arrival around that time, a Yankel Efron from Lunna, is going to his Uncle Jacob Efran at 11 (?) Monroe St. [ARR016; ARR205]. Is “J. Effren” the same as “Jacob Efran,” even though their addresses are different? Could it be the same address, but there was an error on one of the manifests?


According to the family tree of Meryl Efron [GEN034], the father of Isaac was Chaim and his wife’s name was Tzirel (Tsirel). Meryl’s family tree also says that there were three brothers (not sure if that means four altogether or not), and that one of them was named Chaim Meyer. However, it is unlikely that there was a father and son both named Chaim, so possibly the father’s name, “Nachum,” was mis-remembered as “Chaim” or confused with the brother’s name.


This Nochum, of this branch could be the same as the Yosef Nachum (see --) who is the husband of Chaya of Lunna, but that Nachum’s children do not include a Chaim Meyer or Itzhak.


On 4/7/2007 I matched the burial record of one “Isaac Efron” to the Isaac Efron of this branch. This in turn showed that Isaac’s father was Nachum and gave me Isaac’s date of death. Isaac and Beila were both buried in cemetery sections named for the Rabbi of Piesk, BUT, in different cemeteries! Pending the identification of more proof, I joined as brothers Isaac of Lunna (son of Nachum (or Chaim?)) and Hyman of Lunna (son of Nachum). . This Nachum Efron might also be the Nachum (Chaim Nachum or Nachman) who is the ancestor of movie director Nora Ephron, but this does not seem likely.


>              Isaac Efron,  b. 10/15/1880, Lunna, d. 11/17/1934 [NAT022; ARR052; ~CEN20; ~CEN30, CEM065], married Beila Davis, b. abt. 1879, d. 1/17/1957 [ARR113; CEM046]. He is the nephew of Moshe Ber, who is the relative that Isaac is going to when he arrives in the US in 1914.  In 1920 he lives at 250 Monroe St. in NYC, and at that time Beila had not yet immigrated to the US. Beila was the daughter of Avraham Zewel.  Isaac lived on a farm in Woodridge, NY. He later turned it into a Kuchalein, which is a vacation place with individual cabins and a central building where each family has its own refrigerator and range. The place was refered to as Efron’s Place, near the Alamack Hotel.  Beila lived with Milton, then Morris, after Isaac’s death.  Beila’s father was a doctor, but Al said one of his remedies was urine on a leaf, so he sounds like he was a folk healer in the old country.  Beila had a cousin Ben, or maybe he was a nephew.  Isaac left Russia in order to escape the Army draft. He died about 1935 [AE] In the 1858 Revision for Grodno is a family named “DZIVITEITSKI” where there is a Zavel, b. 1844. Zavel is also the name of an early ancestor of a family of that name.


The family tree of Meryl Efron has a note saying there were three brothers, and also says “one  -> Chaim Meyer” [GEN034]. Perhaps there were four brothers altogether. If there were four altogether, then there would be one more, unknown son.


>              >              Milton (Meyer), b. 8/26/1906, Lunna, d. 9/9/2001, Tucson [ARR113; NAT062; CEN3079; SSDI586], married 11/14/1925 in NYC to Rose Sugarman, b. 5/24/1903 or 5/26/1903, Warsaw, d. 9/1989 [SSDI229]. She was the daughter of Hyman and Mamie Sugarman. In 1927, he was in the millinery business and lived at 129 Clinton St.  In 1930, they lived at 2069 Union St., Brooklyn. She arrived in 1911, he arrived in 1921.  Later Meyer went into business with brother Morris in California in the 1940s where Morris was selling provisions like meat. (AE) They lived in LA, in Gardena, which is near LAX.


Albert recalls his parents going to California to visit a wealthy relative, and to a house way up on a hill that made them scared it was so high up. He remembers a cousin of his father named David Efron.


File: Meryl Efron DDS genealogy.


Milton’s granddaughter Jennifer has done substantial research on her family history and has a web site at


>              >              Morris (Moishe), b. 12/18/1912 or 12/20/1910, Lunna, [NAT043; ARR113], d. Yorba Linda, CA. 5/6/1996 [DEATH131; OBIT048; SSDI593; ~CEN30]  married 12/27/31 NYC [MAR025] Pearl Effron, b. NYC 5/28/1908, d. Yorba Linda, CA, 5/9/2001 [SSDI504; DEATH132].  In 1994, Morris is listed as living at 170 City Blvd W., Orange, CA 719/634-4128.  They were first cousins, according to Albert. Her father, Jacob Effron, is listed below as an uncle of Morris, which means that Morris and Pearl were first cousins. In 1931 he lived at 236 Clinton St., and she at 16 Clinton St. One of the witnesses at their marriage was a Herman Efron.  In 1933, when he filed his declaration for naturalization, they lived at 118 Broome St., NYC. [DEATH133]


>              >              Ephraim, b. abt. 1912 [ARR113; ~CEN30]. According to the family tree of Meryl Efron [GEN034], the third brother’s name was Ishia, not Ephraim, but Ephraim was the name on the ship arrival record.


>              Hyman (aka Herman)  (Chaim Meyer) Efron, b. 12/15/1887 or abt. 1884 or 1886, Lunna or Wolpa, d. 5/15/1954 [CEM034; Verify old DEATH record 56; CEN1035; CEN2086], married abt. 1905 to Ida (Chaia) Kustin (or Kusten), b. abt. 1880 or 1884, Wolpa, d. 7/20/1961 [MIL013; CEM035; Verify old DEATH record 80; ARR046; CEN3125; NYT019].  He arrived 1905, and was still an alien in 1920. She arrived in 1904 (1905?) and resided in the US until 1910, then re-immigrated in 1913.  They lived at 47 Allen St., NYC in 1920. When she arrived in 1913, he was then living at 92 Canal Street. Hyman, Ida, and Beckie are known to be buried in the Wolper Young Man’s Benevolent Society section of the Beth David Cemetery.  Ida’s father, alive in 1913, was Yankel Kustin (?) of Wolp. In 1930, Hyman is a cloaks finisher. Around 1917 he works for Davis & Grein(?) as a tailor at 396 3rd Ave. and he lives at 31 Orchard (Ashland?) St., Manhattan. [MIL012]. In 1930, living at the same address is a family that may be “Kusten,” and thus probably related to Ida. [CEN3125]


>              >              Joseph (Joel), b. abt. 1906, NY [ARR046; CEN3125] (Probably the Joseph d. 7/16/1966, Verify old DEATH record 93.). He left NY as a small child and then returned with his mother in 1913.


>              >              Beckie (Rebecca) (Sheina Riva), b. abt. 1908, New York, d. 12/28/1928 [CEM036; ARR046]. Buried nearby is a Charles Epstein, d. 11/29/1957, age 86 (Kalman Berel b’ Ysrael), but his relation is unknown. Maybe she was married, but never changed her name?


>              >              Mary, b. abt. 1914, U.S.


>              Jacob, married Taube Grogennska. Their names are derived from the marriage record of Isaac’s son, Morris, who married Pearl Efron, purportedly his first cousin. In that marriage record Pearl’s parents’ names are given as Jacob and Taube Grogenska.


A woman named Taube Grogenska (Tova Grodzinski) participated in the memorials that took place in Tel Aviv during the 1950s (R. Marcus [GEN--]), but it is not known if she is the same. Ruth Marcus also brought to my attention a Gershon Efron who was killed in Auschwitz, b. 1913 and the son of Yankel and Taube. [GEN--]. Based on that reference, albeit slim, Gershon is being added to this branch as another child of Jacob and Taube.


>              >              Pearl Effron, married her first cousin, Morris, the son of Isaac. [MARR--]> see --.


>              >              Mirka Effron. Her placement as a daughter of Jacob and Taube is quite tentative. A Mirka Effron was identified by Mrs. Freidowicz of Long Island NY as a girlhood friend who she knew while growing up in Lunna. According to interviews with Ruth Marcus, who has extensively researched the history of the Jews of Lunna, Mrs. Freidowicz recalled two sisters named Mirka and Taibe Efron, of Lunna, and they were the daughters of Jacob. [GEN--]. It may be that she mis-remembers Taibe (perhaps she remembered the mother’s name, and that the other daughter was named Pearl (or Perel, etc.). The best fit for placing this information – Mirka and Taibe as daughters of Jacob Effron of Lunna – is in this location, pending, of course, further information or confirmation.


>              >              Gershon, b. 1913, d. Holocaust at Auschwitz [GEN--]. Ruth Marcus, historian of the Jews of Lunna, broght this Gershon Efron to my attention. His parents names were Jacob and Taube and he came from Lunna. Pending further information, he is considered part of this family.