Chapter 41 Isadore (Israel), son of Moshe Efron (Newark, NJ and Sag Harbor, NY)


Moshe Efron, b. approx. 1832 [CEM249]


It took many years until in May, 2005, I found this family in the census – the 1900 census to be exact, living in

Jersey City, NJ. Then in 2008 through I found the gravestone of Isadore. This led to finding Cecilia (buried at the same cemetery, with corroborating data).


Acknowledgements: Ruth Pollack, Harvey Jaffe


>              Isadore (Esadore; Isadore, Isa) (Israel) Efron, b. 8/1857, Russia, d. 3/14/1923, New Jersey (probably) [CEM249], married abt. 1884 to Leah (Elizabeth; Lena; Lizza) “Lizzie” Caplan (Coplan or Coplin), b. 9/1862, Russia, d. 2/18/1913 at the Presbyterian Hospital, NYC, [CEN0035; CEN1040; Verify old DEATH record 4; EST – (Riverhead Surrogate’s Court, Estate of Lena Effron); OBIT070]. She is buried in Sag Harbor [CEM--].  He arrived in the US 1883 and she arrived in1891 or about 1896. In the Suffolk Cty. Register of Deeds, Book 807, page 136, Esidor Efron and Lena Efron on 2/29/1912 , together with Marcus and Lena Spitz, lease their Main St. & Meadow Street property, Sag Harbor, to Samuel Rosenthal.  In 1900 the family lived in Jersey City, NJ. They were living n Sag Harbor, NY in 1913. He ran a hardware store in Sag Harbor. Arrival information is suspect, based on the birth dates and marriage dates found in the 1900 census. There is an 1890 naturalization record in NYC for an Isidor Efron which could be for him.[TENT NAT--] which puts him on E. Broadway as a fruit seller.


He may be the brother of Hyman of Garfield, NJ, (and by extension, Louis, who is a brother of Hyman) who lived in Passaic (see chapter --) because 1. The both have a father named Moshe; 2. Their arrival in the US was around the same time; 3. They both lived in the same area of NJ; Isidore named his first daughter Rebecca, which would be the name of his mother if he is in fact a brother.


I first subscribed to because there was a record there of an Isadore Efron buried at a Newark cemetery and that seemed to be the only way I would be able to see that headstone. At first, he appeared to be the Isadore Efron of Sag Harbor. A search in Newark cemeteries photographed by for the daughters turned up a Cecelia Pollak’s grave, whose father’s Hebrew name is Israel (the same as Isadore’s) and whose year of birth made sense. Her husband was buried with her and so I was able to find them in the 1930 census, with their children Arthur, Martin, Seymour and Joyce. A search in Ancestry for the children turned up the obituary of Joy Roslyn Fastow, nee Fastow, who is the Joyce in the 1930 census. From that I was able to contact the family.


There was a Jacob Ephrian, inmate at Kings Park State Hospital, age 69 in Smithtown (Suffolk Cty), NY, according to the 1930 census. Smithtown is in the same general area as Sag Harbor, so he might be a relative.


>              >              Rebecca “Beckie”, b. NJ, 12/1888. She was listed in the Suffolk Cty, NY business directory of 1910/11 Business directory of the county.


>              >              Cecelia (Cecile, Seeley, Celia) (Tsilia) Pollak, b. 4/1891, NJ, d. 6/15/1936 [CEM250] married Jacob Pollak, , b. abt. 1891, d. 12/16/1940, Newark, NJ [CEM251]. Jacob was an engraver in 1920 when the family lived in Newark, and ran a hardware store in Nutley, NJ in 1930. [CEN2176; CEN3223]


>              >              Jennie, b. 7/1893, NJ


There is a strong similarity in daughters names with the Ida (Heffron) Golden family of Boston, but this may simply be a coincidence.