Chapter 43 Unknown Efron, husband of Enia Efron Sable


Unknown Efron, married 1. Enia “Anna” Berman, d. 1/2/1995, Walnut Creek, CA [SSDI] (Death--). Around 1981, when Jacob, her second husband, died, she lived, in Concord, CA [MISC035]


Her second marriage was possibly to Jacob Sabel (Yakov) (Sabledovich) [ARR055], d. 6/2/1981 [MISC035]. His father was Yitzchak Ah (probably should read Aharon?) [MISC035]


Their children, Enia and Chaim, arrived at NY port 6/20/31. They last resided in Molczadz, Poland, where they were born. They were with their uncle there, Abram Szmulowicz. They are going to their mother, Enia Sabel, who lives in the Bronx. They both have brown hair and blue eyes. My notes are not very discernable, but the following looks to be the family tree (in addition to the ship arrival info of Enia and Chaim).  A brother of Jacob Sabledovich is “Shmurak.”   Jacob Sabledovich wrote a letter to Celia Handel in 1963. This family is similar to the family described as related to the Marein-Efron family.


>              Herman “Caesar” “Hy” (Chaim) Sabel b. abt. 1923 or 5/27/1919, Molczadz, Poland, d. 4/28/1989, Pleasant Hill (or Contra Costa), CA, married Ursula Unknown. I spoke to her sometime ca. 1993. DNA  His address matches up to the address on source MISC035. Some time after Jacob died he lived at 304 Roberta Ave., Pleasant Hills, CA 94523 [MISC035; DEATH146]


>              Eleanor (Enia) Abrams, b. abt.1924, Molczadz, Poland, married Jack Abrams.