Chapter 47 Rose (Effron) Baranoff


Rose Baranoff, b. approx. 1875, married Abraham Baranoff [Death certificate, per Ethel Baranoff]. She was an Effron [DEATH147].


All information is from Edith Baranoff, unless indicated otherwise.


>††††††††††††† John, b. Grodno, b. 3/30/1891d. 6/22/1945 Napa, CA, , married 1920 in Vladivostock [cite?] to Mary (or Maria) I. Vaschanko, b. 12/25/1901, Russia, d.3/13/1971 [SSDI680].† His motherís maiden name was Effron [DEATH147]. He arrived in NY early, and had relatives in NY State. He may be the John Baranofsky who at age 21 is a farm laborer in 1910 in Queens [CEN1078]. He returned to Russia as an interpreter during the revolution, where he met his wife in Siberia. (birth index of Albert says motherís maiden name is Vaschenk). If married in Russia, then they must have returned to the US shortly thereafter because Albert was born in the US. [CEN30--] According to the 1920 census, she first arrived in 1920 and he first arrived in 1906. In the early 1940s they he lived in Berkeley, CA although Mary was in San Diego, CA [MIL050]. Ethel has Johnís death certificate, which gives the names of his parents. Maryís grandfather helped to build the trans-Siberian railway and they were executed by the Bolsheveiks.


>††††††††††††† >††††††††††††† Albert J., b. abt. 1921 [CEN30--] San Francisco, CA, d. 1/2005, married to Edith Unknown. She and I communicated around 2005. She found me because she was researching her family.


>††††††††††††† >††††††††††††† Alice [CEN30--]


Acknowledgements: Edith Baranoff