Chapter 48 August Effren of New York City and Missouri


August Effren (Efrein or Efreins), b. abt. 1848, NY or Baden, Germany, married Tillie, b. abt. 1852, England [CEN8002; ~CEN00; CEN2037] The records supporting this branch may actually be for more than one family, but it appears that it is one family. In 1920 he lives with his son-in-law, George Sexauer, in Missouri.  Bernard is a theorized son because August lived in MO in his later years and one of Bernard’s  daughters’ names is Augusta. Harmon Ephron’s family also lived in Missouri for a while and in one reference the family spells its name EFREIN. There is nothing to indicate that the August Effrein/Effren family was Jewish.


[I have NOT contacted Pamela Effrein Sandstrom, Head of Reference & Information Services at Walter E. Helmke Library, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, 2101 Coliseum Blvd. East
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There is also other references in the 1920 census to EFREIN: Benjamin, age 44 and Joseph, age 52, both born in MO, lived in Ste. Genevieve Cty. [CEN2039]. From Roots Web, there was a Benjamin EFFREIN in Missouri. [CEN2040; Genealogy – ]. There are several 1910 census entries under the names of Effreien, Efferin and Effrine, as well as a 1920 reference to a John Efrein,  but they have not been added to the appendix nor the information incorporated in this genealogy (except here)

010 Also (Roots Web, Source?):


>              Bernard (also, Benjamin) Effrein, b. abt. 1862 or 3/20/1872, Ste. Genevieve, MO, married 11/27/1894 in Ste. Genevieve, MO to Mary “Anna” Karl, b. 4/21/1875 [CEN2038]. In 1920 the family lived in Farmington, MO (Ste. Francis Cty) [GEN009; GEN010]


>              >              Edward Benjamin, b. 5/3/1895, Ste. Genevieve, MO, d. 8/26/1988, Farmington, MO [SSDI256]


>              >              Hilda Anna Maria, b. 11/27/1896, Ste. Genevieve, MO


>              >              Leona Magdalena, b. 1/5/1899 or 1/6/1899, Farmington, MO


>              >              Augusta Maria Seitz, b. 2/28/1901, Farmington, MO, d. 4/1993, Bonne Terre, MO, married 6/1/1922 to Frank R. Seitz, b. abt. 1902 [GEN010]


>              >              Emma Louise, b. 9/27/1904, Farmington, MO


>              >              Thomas Bernhard, b. 4/19/1908 or 4/29/1908, Farmington, MO, d. 4/29/1981, Farmington, MO [SSDI259]


>              >              Johanna Swick or Swink, b. MO, married Joseph Owen Swick, b. 6/6/1905, Farmington, MO [GEN010]


>              >              >              2 children


>              >              Henry [GEN010]


>              Amelia, b. abt. 1873, NY


>              Adolph J., b. abt. 1875, NY


>              Tillie, b. abt. 1877, NY


Others who may be related, because they have the same spelling and live in the same area, are: Dolores A. Effrein, b. 8/21/1930, d. 9/1967, Lecompte, LA [SSDI255]; Anthony Effrein, b. 11/24/1900, d. 3/1982, St. Louis, MO [SSDISSDI257]; Juanita M. Effrein, b. 9/16/1901, d. 9/17/1991, MO [SSDI258]; and Lennon Effrein, b. 10/21/1909, d. 10/1977, St. Genevieve, MO [SSDI261]