Chapter 5 Yosef Nachum Efron of Lunna


Nahum (Yosef Nachum) Efron, b. approx. 1870, d. abt. 1917, married 1) Unknown.  She died young (EP). The name Yosef Nachum is on Chaike’s ketuba, according to Gabriel. Gabriel’s family had always known him as Yosef. Eugenia reported his name as Nahum and had not mentioned the name Yosef. Yosef died of Cholera in 1917 while serving in the Russian army (GK).


He had eight children.


From his first wife:






From his second wife:






In the Yosef Nahum family it is not certain which children came from which mother, although Eugenia said that her mother and her siblings were from the first wife and Gabriel knows his great-grandmother was Chaika and that she survived Nahum.


Acknowledgement: Gabriel Kohn, Eugenia P.


Gabriel was told that the five oldest children left for another city, perhaps Grodno, and Chaike was left with Aida, Sara and Inda.  They went to that unknown city to work and attend yeshiva. In 1920 there were pograms and so the remaining family – Chaike and the three daughters -- tried to get to the other children. They were not able to because a bridge over the Nieman River was bombed or destroyed, and so they departed for Argentina. Inda had once said that the brothers intended to go to Yeshiva in Moscow.


I don’t recall how I connected with Eugenia, daughter of Reizel Rachel, but I ended up calling her on the phone. I think maybe that I had looked up “Efron” in the Moscow phone directory online and reached the widow of Chatzkel. This may have taken place about the year 2000. I took another look at this branch in June 2008 after being contacted by Gabriel Kohn.  On June 9/2008 I continued a recently started email correspondence with Gabriel Kohn. I had located the notes of my conversation with Eugenia, and I reported them to Gabriel. I included the peripheral information about a cousin who Eugenia remembered – Jacob Radinsky of California. Gabriel’s response the next day was:that he literally almost fell of his chair – this was the same cousin who his mother had mentioned as having financially helped out the family! By this, and the other commonalities between the two families, they were joined as one family. “EP” indicates information that came from Eugenia. “GK” indicates information that came from Gabriel.


Gabriel’s mother was able to locate her personal telephone directory which had three Radinsky entries, for three of the children. This indicated that the connection was not just through Jacob (for example, through his wife), but was common to all of the Radinsky children and therefore was through the mother or father.


From my notes at the time when I had interviewed Eugenia, maybe around 2000, I had an address for a Jacob Radinsky who lived in Santa Barbara. A note says he had not heard from his Russian cousins since 1934 (not sure where the note came from). Jacob Radinsky of Santa Barbara and his wife died in the mid-1970s.


When I did a search for ship arrivals from Lunna with the name Radinsky I found a set of siblings – fourt daughters and one son – arriving at NY in 1921 on The Hudson sailing from Danzig and stating that they are going to their father, Wolf Radinsky at 260 Monroe St. in NYC. Their nearest relative whence they came is their aunt Chaike Efron of Lunna/Grodno! The children ranged from Rachel, 17, to Goldie, age 7. There is no Jacob or Yankel, but there is an Israel who is 11 years old.  I found Wolf’s NY  WW I II draft registration record, and he was living at the same address and his nearest relative was Philip [VERIFY]. In those records he is said to have been born in 1878.  I could not find the family in the 1930 census, though perhaps only Goldie would have been still at home. I could still look for Wolf in the NY cemetery databases. All this is probably of little consequence, once I had made contact with Ernest.


>              Ruvin or Reuben (EP; GK)


>              Leizer. (Eliezer) (EP; GK) He had a son. Leizer died in WW II. (EP)


>              BenZion (EP; GK)


>              Chatzkel of Moscow, married Reizel Rachel Unknown. (EP)


Married 2. to Clara (Chaika), d. Argentina. They lived in Lunna. She was a widow in care of three daughters when she emigrated from Lunna to Argentina around 1920. At the time that Chaia emigrated, five other children had moved to a norther city, possibly Grodno, to attend yeshiva perhaps. She was a baker in Lunna. There are eight children, according to the information relayed by Garbiel, and four of the children were not born to her. (GK)


Gabriel has an old photograph of Chaike standing next to a gravestone in the Lunna cemetery (headstone 13.jpg). The gravestone was still standing when Dartmouth Hillel students restored the cemetery, ca. 2006. The deceased is Yehuda, son of Aryo. This could be Chayike’s father or brother. The name Aryo is unusual, and isn’t likely supposed to be Aryeh because that is essentially the same as Yehuda and this mean Yehuda the son of Yehuda, which is contrary to Ashkenazi naming patterns.


>              Golda


>              Inda, d. 1987, married 1. and divorced. Her Ketuba indicates she was divorced when she married Rubin.


>              Married 2. to Rubin Bashuk. They moved to Israel in the 1970s. They are buried at Arad.


Eugenia said that there was another daughter who lived in Brazil, and was not sure if she was a daughter of the second wife (EP) Since Eugenia also told me that there was an aunt in Argentina, perhaps she had originally meant to say Argentina but said Brazil in error.


>              Aida Rubinovich, married Moshe Rubinovich in Argentina. They moved to Israel and are buried at Ashdod.


>              Sara Linik, married in Buenos Aires to Saul Linik. They are buried in Buenos Aires.