Chapter 50 Jack Effrain of Brooklyn


I spoke to many of the cousins who are the grandchildren of Jack and Sophie Effrain.


Jack (Yakov) Effrain (Effrin; Efrain), b. 5/-/1870, Russia, d. 10/25/1943, Bronx, married [CEN3159; CEM252] 1. Sophie (Sophia) (Sasye) Podnos (Podnus), b. 8/-/1873 or 1872, Russia, d. 10/13/1919, Brooklyn [CEN0019; Verify old DEATH record 7; DEATH041; EST 40]. In 1900 they lived at 192 Delancy St., NYC. In 1919, they lived at 525 or 545 Warwick St., Brooklyn. She arrived about 1891. Her father’s name was Yishiah. [CEM253]


Sophie’s sister was Bessie Elkind and she had three daughters, Sadie, Mollie and Irene. Mr. Elkind was a painter.  There was a wealthy aunt who lived in Boro Park, who had a paint store (the Ochs family?).  This was possibly the Elkind family.  Jack is probably buried in Brooklyn, which is where they lived, according to Jack.


Acknowledgements: Sidney Helfman, Donald Effrain, Harold Werbin, Jack Effrain, Cyndi Effrain


>              Morris “Murray” E. Effrain, b. 9/15/1895, NY (or Amdur?), d. 9/-/1979, Zephyr Hills.FL [SSDI265], married 6/2/1921, Brooklyn, to Josephine Ochs, b. 3/19/1900, Brooklyn, d. 10/1988 (verify – July 1975?), Zephyr Hills, FL [MAR067; SSDI269; CEN3160].  Her father was Henry and her mother Mary.  On their marriage certificate, his place of birth appears to be “Man Bora,” which may be a misspelling of Amdura or Indura, but more likely stands for “Manhattan Borough..  In 1921, he is a chauffer and lives in Brooklyn.  Murray did visit his ancestral town when he was in WW I and found that all the family was killed by the Cossacks in a Pogram around 1905 or 1906 (JE).  According to Donald, the Ochs family was not Jewish. In 1930 Murray lives with his wife and son Donald at the home of his in-laws, in Brooklyn.


>              >              Donald, b. 7/22/1922, Brooklyn, d. 4/19/2010, Daytona Beach Shores, FL. He previously lived in Smyrna, GA, up until 1981. [OBIT071]


>              Henry (also Bennie?), b. 1/18/1898, Manhattan, NY, d. 11/-/1987, NY, married 12/20/1925 to Ettie (Ethel) Fink, b. 3/6/1899 or abt. 1902, Grodno, d. 9/1986.  [MAR089; SSDI266; CEN3161].  Her father was Joseph and her mother was Jennie Ikofsky. She arrived in 1905. In 1930 he is the manager of a rubber goods business. In 1925 when they are married he lives at 344 Ashford St.


>              Anna (Annie) Helfman, b. 4/-/1900, NY, married abt. 1919 to Julius Helfman, b. abt. 1889, Lomza. In 1930 he runs a tailor shop. He arrived in 1911. [CEN3162]


>              Florence Werbin, b. abt. 1903, NY, married abt. 1920 to Marcus (“Markis”) Werbin, b. abt. 1896, Brest (?). In 1930 he works in a Coats and suits shop. He arrived in 1910. In 1930, her brother Irving lives with them. [CEN3163]


>              Isidor (Isadore) (Yitzchak) “Irving”, b. 8/5/1906, NY, d. 1/9/1995 [SSDI271; CEN3163] [verify DoD – 1/9 or 1/19?].  In 1930, Irving is unmarried and living with his sister Florence’s family.  In 1930, he sells sweaters.  Irving believed that the name Effrain was changed at the time of immigration.  Irving told Jack that the family came from Russia, from near the Polish border.  He was the youngest (Jack)


Married 2. 4/3/1921, Manhattan [MAR066], to Lena Birnbaum, b. abt. 1884, Russia. She was a widow of a Birnbaum, with a son, Louie Birnbaum, b. abt. 1913. In 1930 Jacob, “Eline” and Louis live together in Brooklyn. She was naturalized in 1945, when she lived at 396 Hendrix St. in Brooklyn. [NAT067]