Chapter 53 Morris Effron (Efroimsky) of Slonim (Atlantic City, NJ)


According to the New Jersey State Archives website’s database of legal name changes, one Moses Efroimsky of Atlantic City legally changed his name to Morris Effron on 10/26/1918.


Morris (Meische) Effron, b. abt. 1869, Grodno, married abt. 1905 to Bessie (Baile), b. abt. 1871, Slonim [ARR045; CEN2047; CEN3118].  He was naturalized in 1913. She arrived in 1913.  In 1920 they lived at 132 N. Georgia Av., Atlantic City, NJ.  In 1920 he was a "commercial chaffeur" and Bessie was the proprietor of a restaraunt. In 1913 he lived at 166 S. Virginia Ave., Atlantic City. In 1930 they lived in Atlantic City. She last resided in Slonim, where she left a nephew, Lazar Palonski (?). On her ship arrival, in 1913, she uses the last name of Efron.


He arrived as Moshe Efroimsky on the SS Philadelphia sailing from Southampton, arriving at NY on 7/10/1904. It is difficult to read, but it appears that he is going to a cousin in NYC.


>              Louis, b. 1/5/1894, Slonim [ARR036; CEN3119], d. 10/1965, PA [SSDI155?], married abt. 1923 to Fannie Levine, b. abt. 1889, Russia, d. 11/7/1935 (or 11/17), Youngstown, OH. She was the daughter of Max Levine.  In 1920 he was a "commercial chaffeur," but in 1918 his occupation was described as working for his father who was a manager of rolling chairs – a staple of the boardwalk for more than a century. [MIL051]  He arrived at NY on 2/12/1913 on the Iceland, sailing from Antwerp. He was then single. His last place of residence was Slonim. She arrived in 1904. In 1930 he is the owner of a candy store and lives in Atlantic City. Around 1941, he lived at 6330 N. 18th St. Philadelphia, PA and worked for Commonwealth Beneficial Association, of Philadelphia. [MIL009]. Fannie was buried in Atlantic City, NJ. [OBIT072].


Their daughter was married at Fannie’s funeral. [MISC137]


>              Arthur (Aaron), b. 2/4/1896 or 2/7/1896, Slonim, d. 6/25/1964, married abt. 1925 to Rose Jacobs, b. abt. 1897, Kentucky [CEN3167}  In 1920 he was a mover.  He arrived in 1913 and was naturalized prior to 1930. In 1930 they live with Edith and Benjamin on Kennington Ave. and he is a chef in a restaurant. Around 1941 he lived at 1912 E. Orleans St., Philadelphia, PA and was self-employed, working at 216 Chanellor St. [MIL010]  He was athe founder and owner of Arthur’s Steak House in Philadelphia and lived in Elkins Park, PA. At his time of death he had 7 grandchildren. [OBIT016]. He arrived as Aaron Efroimsky on 5/29/1912 on the Zeeland at New York, and is going to his father, Moische Efroimsky at 166 S. Virginia Ave., Atlantic City, NJ. He was born in Slonim, and leaves his mother, B. Efroimsky there. He was still in Atlantic City in 1918. [MIL052]


>              Florence (Bluma) Zlotnik, b. abt. 1899, Slonim [ARR045], married Israel (Samuel?) Zlotnik, b. 2/6/1892, Smela, Russia [CEN3168; MIL011]. Her married name is based on the WW II registration record of Arthur. In 1930 they live at 3017 Kennington Ave. and around 1941 they are at 3002 Kennington Ave.


>              >              Leah, b. abt. 5/1924


>              Edith (Etta) Morganstein, b. abt. 1903 or 1907, Slonim [ARR045], married abt. 1928 to Benjamin Morganstein, b. abt. 1904, Russia [CEN3167]. She was naturalized prior to 1930. In 1930 they live at 2952 (?) Kennington Ave. and around 1941 at the same address as her brother Louis, in Philadelphia. In 1930 he is a shoe salesman.