Chapter 54 Salman (Solomon) Efron (Yefroiken)


Solomon Efron (born Salman Yefroiken), b. 4/18/1893, Wekshna, Lithuania, d. 10/20/1966 [NAT065; EST 53; OBIT NYT031; CEN3116], married 1. abt. 1921 to Esther Neyman, b. 5/12/1894 or 3/19/1895, Lithuania, d. 5/31/1930 [CEM023; Verify old DEATH record 17; CEN3158].  He lived at 677 Greene Ave in 1922 and at 15 Van Buren St., NY in 1923.  He arrived at NY 10/24/1921. He was a well known Yiddishist. He was head of education for 85 Jewish secular schools run by Workman’s Circle. In 1930 they live in Brooklyn and he is a teacher in a Hebrew school. In 1966 he lived at 212 East Broadway. At his time of death he had two grandchildren.


Married 2. to Amy Goldberg. She survived him.