Chapter 6 Zev Wolf Effron, brother of Israel of Bialystok


Through various evidence it has been shown that Jacob Effron, the plumber of Broome St., was a cousin to the children of Israel of Lunna.


There is also evidence that Jacob Effron was related to the Heffron family of Boston (Chapter --): Joseph Abramsky, son in law of Chaya (Heffron) Golden, says on his ship’s manifest that Jacob Efron of Broome St. was his cousin. Research has shown that Jacob’s parents were Zev Wolf  Efron and Goldie (Halperin),  and that Joseph’s parents were Chaim Abramsky and (Unknown) Margolis, so it is difficult on that information to make them into first cousins. However, Since Joseph’s wife was an Efron  and Jacob was an Efron, the cousin relationship is much easier to figure out – they must have been related on the Efron side.. Of course if they were not first cousins, but some other way related, there could be many possible ways for them to be related.


Zev Wolf Efron, b. abt. 1850, Bialystok?, married Goldie Halperin.


There are two known children:


Pesche Arnstein


>             Jacob (Yakov Feivish) Efron, b. 5/15/1877, d. 10/20/1946 [CEM076 (photo of family plot); Verify old DEATH record 40; EST 50; CEN3096], married 12/4/1897 in Manhattan to Sarah Flanovitz, b. 5/15/1873 (or 1875), Russ, d. 3/30/1957 [CEM077; Verify old DEATH record 69; EST 54; MAR from; CEN2076; ~CEN00]. She arrived in 1893.  He was naturalized by 1920.   The marriage record confirms his parents’ names and says her parents are Benjmain Flanovitz and Rosie Segel. The family lived for many years at 233 Broome St., NYC, where Jacob was a plumber or seller of plumbing supplies. In 1946, they lived at 1401 Avenue N., Brooklyn. Sarah was not mentally competant from at least 1933. They lived at 233 Broome St. from at least 1900 and as late as the 1930s.


Note that when Jossel (Joseph) Abramski arrived in NY on 3/19/1914 on the Rotterdam he is going to 233 Broome st. to join his cousin, J. Effron.  Jossel Abramsky’s father is Chaim, who lives in Indura, which is where Jossel had come from. Jossel is a brewer. Later, on 3/24/24, Motel Abramsky, single, born in Grodno, comes from La Plata, Argentina to 84 Essex St. NYC to join his brother Josef Abramsky. Another brother, Jacob Abramsky also immigrates to the US to his brother Joseph. Jacob was married into the Schor family – see chapter --. See the notes on the Abramsky family at page --. Chaim Abramsky’s wife was a Margolis and Jacob’s mother’s family name was Halperin, so it is not clear how they were cousins.


>             >             Benjamin (BenZion), b. abt. 1898, NY, d. 6/24/1942 [CEM078; Verify old DEATH record 32; CEN3096]. He was not married.


>             >             Rose “Rosalind” “Ros” (Reizel) Hirsh, b. abt. 1899, NY, d. 2/17/1963, [CEM081;CEN3097?; NYT009], married George I. Hirsh, d. 6/30/1963.


>             >             Gertrude (Golda) Peggy, b. abt. 1902, NY, d. 8/29/1960 [CEM079; Verify old DEATH record 77; EST 51; CEN3096]. She was not married.


>             >             Elyse “Elaine” “Elsie” (Elka) Goldberg, b. abt. 1904, NY, d. 6/11/1958 [CEM081], married David Goldberg, b. 8/17/1903, d. 7/1/1959. [CEM081; CEN30?]. He was a ticket broker in the 1950s. they did not have any children.


>             >             Sophie (Shifre), b. abt. 1906, NY, d. 12/27/1961 [CEM080; Verify old DEATH record 81; EST 55; CEN3096]. She was not married.


>             Pesche “Pauline” Arnstein, b. abt. 1885, [CEN2133; ARR019], married abt. 1913 to Louis Arnstein, b. abt. 1887, Jurburg, Lithuania. [CEN3095] She arrived at NYC 7/11/1905 on the Ryndam, sailing from Rotterdam. She is going to see her brother, J. Efron, of 233 Broome St. Her last place of residence was Bialystok. Louis also arrived in 1905, or could be 1910. In 1920 he is a painter and they live in the Bronx.


Jeffrey Stern writes “My maternal grandmother was Pesche (Pauline) Efron, sister of Jacob Efron, of Amdur.  They, apparently, moved to Bialytok before emmigrating to the US.  Jacob was married to Sarah, and they had several daughters. I remember visiting "Uncle Jake," and his family, in Brooklyn, when I was a tot. I also clearly remember his daughters, especially Gertrude/Goldie/Peggy.  My mother was also a "Gertrude," but went by the name Geraldine.”


Jacob Efron lived in Brooklyn, and dealt in plumbing supplies.  “I was very young, but as I look back, in rertrospect, realize that he was very well off.  Lived in a very large house in a good section of Brooklyn.  Expensive furnishings.  I especially remember his piano.  Uncle Jake had several daughters, but no sons.  Our family was close to Gertie (Gertrude) Efron, who was, apparently, named for the same ancestor as my mom was.  Gerty never married and died fairly young, I believe in her fifties.  Her sister, Sophie, was married, but had no children.    There was a third sister, but I don't remember her.  Gertie was the only one we spent a lot of time with. There was also a "Goldberg" part of that family.  I rmember cousin Dave (Goldberg), and he was buried in the Efron family plot, Montefiore Cemetary, in N.Y.  There were several others there, but the last time I visited was several years ago, before I got into geneaology.  My grandparents, father, etc; are buried at a different plot at the same cemetery” (J. Stern – )


I remember Uncle Jake very fondly, even though he died when I was only 4 1/2 years old.  I used to sit on his lap and he would ask me to tell him a particular joke; always the same one.  When I finished, he always gave me a crisp, new, dollar bill.  It was a fortune to a 4 year old in 1946. I knew all of the Efron Sisters.  Rose (all called her "Roz") and her husband, but not their daughter,  that I can recall.  Peggy was a family favorite.  I have several photos of her when she was visiting.  She used to go to Miami Beach, every winter, for the "season."  She always sent us a bushel basket of citrus and always brought me home Coconut Patties.  I was too young, back then, to realize why she went to Miami....  She was very attractive; blond, slim, etc; I remember Elsie, but didn't know her last name was Goldberg, or that she had been married to David.  As far as I knew, Uncle Dave was single.  He was a ticket broker, for Broadway shows, and had an office on 34th Street, off of 5th Avenue.  My mom and I would always drop in on a Wednesday, and he give us unsold tickets to a show and a due bill for lunch... Sophie was a large woman; very "Brooklyn;" and a sweetheart. Your deduction about my grandmother probably being from the Benjamin Efron family makes sense.  On my grandfather's Petition For Naturalization, he lists his wife as Pauline (Efron) Arnstein born in Grodno, Russia. Off sublect: One of my sons is Gary Paul, for my moher, Geraldine, and granmother, Pauline.  (J. Stern)


>             >             Geraldine (Gertrude) Stern, b. abt. 1914, NY, married Abraham Stern. His family was from Galgow.