Chapter 7 Israel Effron, brother of Zev Wolf of Lunna


Israel Effron, married Anna (Sarah?) or R.L [Ida’s arrival]. 


>              Mary Krinsky, married Unknown Krinsky. She was listed as the sister of Ida Schleifer in the latter’s obituary. [OBIT049] I was told that the Krinskys had a junk business in Chicago. I could not find a Mary Krinsky matching that description but I did find an unmarried Mary Krinsky whose father was Louis Krinsky of L. Krinsky and Son Scrap Metal of Chicago. Louis’ wife was Goldie. Louis Krinsky started the well-known junk business in Chicago. His father, Lazarus, was also in the business.


There was a John and Mary Krinsky in Illinois, and he was in the steel business. There was a Morris and Mary Krinsky in the 1930 census [CEN3219]


There was also a Joseph Krinsky whose WW I record states that he came from Lunna, but I could find no additional records for him, including a search for ship arrival records. Maybe I should check Cleveland?


According to one source (a note I have) says her name was KINSKY. Not yet researched.


>              Ida (Chaia) Schleifer (Schleiffer), b. 1883, Poland, d. 7/25/1961, Dorchester, MA, married before 1904, Abraham (Avraham Yitzchak) Schleifer (Schleiffer), b. 3/15/1877, Poland, d. 11/17/1967, MA [GEN003; CEM243; CEN2173, MIL043; OBIT049]. He was the son of Nayr (sic?) Baruch.  They initially lived in Brooklyn after immigrating. In 1918 they are living in Cleveland, and Abraham is a peddlar. Two years later Abraham has a shoe shop.


According to her ship arrival, they had last lived in “Luni” before emigrating in 1908. [ARR290]


>              >              Max (Mendel), b. 2/1905, possibly in Lunna, married to Lillian Shoenberg. They lived in Boston.


>              >              Mary (Malka) Berger, b. abt. 2/1906, possibly in Lunna, married to Unknown Berger. In 1961 she lived in Cleveland..


>              >              Doris Schwartz, b. 6/28/1908, NY or Cleveland, OH, d. 4/4/1977 Brockton or Randolph, MA, [SSDI677; DEATH134; CEM244] married 1. Harold Schwartz, b. 1901, OH [GEN003].


>              >              Married 2. to Samuel Whiteman, b. abt. 1904, Philadelphia, PA, d. abt. 11/20/1975 [CEM244; OBIT050]


>              Moshe.  He stayed in Lunna


>              Joseph Ephron, b. abt. 1881, d. 12/2/1965, London, married Betsy Skulka, b. abt. 1885, d. 3/22/1960, London.  He lived in Lunna, then London.


>              >              Mary, b. abt. 1917, d. 8/20/1924


Joseph, Betsy and Mary are buried at the Edmonton Federation Cemetery (SectionP-71), the same section where Isaac Meyer Ephron of London is buried.



Edmonton Federation Cemetery, London, Eng.

Joseph, d. 12/2/1965, age 84, Sec. P-71

Betsy, d. 3/22/1960, age 75, Sec. P-71 (note on stone has name of husband)

Mary, d. 8/20/1924, age 7.75 (?), Sec. M-18 (note on stone has names of parents)


Unnamed Sibling of Israel Efron


>              Marka Shevashoviez. She may be the same as Mirka Sarnoff.


>              Mirka Sarnoff, married to Menachem Sarnoff [from discussion with someone in family tree – maybe Ronnie Ades]. They lived in Paris.  She was a niece of Israel.  The Sarnoffs were or are in England. I was also told that she had stayed in Lunna. Possibly, Mirka’s daughter Dora is the same as the Dora Effron who was living with Bertah Liss in 1920. See p.--.


>              >              Dora (Dvora) Abramsky, b. 12/10/1892 , Lunna, d. 12/3/1970, NYC [SSDI497; OBIT051],  married in Russia abt. 1919 to Benjamin (BenZion) Abramsky, b. abt. 1891, Lunna, d. abt. 5/28/1978, NYC [SSDI498; OBIT052]. Her maiden name was Sarnoff. She arrived in 1923 and he arrived 7/5/1921[CEN3080; ARR291]. When he arrived he had last lived in Lunna, and is going to his brother, Isidor Abramsky. In 1930 Benjamin is the proprietor of a baby carriage business and they lived on Ninth Avenue in NYC. He was on the board of Cong. Beth Israel, West Side Jewish Center. Isidor Abramsky was also in the Baby Carriage business in NYC [MIL044]. See the notes on the Abramsky family at page --.


On 10/2/2007, while assembling data on the various Abramsky family trees I realized that this is the same family that is connected to the Schleifer family of Boston


>              >              >              Dr. Tessa “Tessie” (Tess) Abramsky, b. abt. 1920, Poland, d. abt. 10/9/1987 [OBIT053], married abt. 7/23/1974 in NY [NYT001] to Morton J. Rodman. She arrived in 1923.


>              >              Rubin “Ruby”. He survived his sister, Dora [OBIT051]


>              >              2 additional children