Chapter 8 Chana (Efron) Friedman of Lunna


Chana Efron, d. abt. 1932, married Chaikel Friedman, d. Holocaust.  He remarried and his second wife died in the Holocaust. Hanita Wishnevski’s mother was born in Wola, and she had an uncle named Chaykel Friedman, who married a Chana Efron from Lunna. “They had five children, but all but two were killed by Hitler. Chana died in the early 1930s, and Chaykel remarried. He and his second wife were Hitler’s victims too. Of the surviving children, Chaitche (Anna) went to Brazil where she married and had a family, and Michal went to Israel where he did the same.” [GEN020]. Ruth Marcus has been in touch with Hanita’s mother, a Holocaust survivor, about her reminiscences of Lunna.


>              Three children died in Holocaust


>              Chaitche (Anna), went to Brazil


>              Michael, went to Israel