Chapter 9 Chaim Cheikel “Hyman J.” “Charles” Effren of Bialystok


Note the spelling: “Effren.” Very similar to the branch of Chaim Cheikel of Bialystok (page --), but cannot reconcile differences in order to join the two families.


Chaim Cheikel “Hyman J.” (Charles) Effren, b. approx. 1860, possibly in Bialystok, married Rosa Epstein, b. approx. 1865. Abe’s marriage record says his father’s name is “Charles” but Isadore’s naturalization says his name is Hyman. Both say that the mother’s name is Rose Epstein (though the naturalization record erroneously says that his father’s name is “Hyman Epstein.”  He was Cheikel, a name variation of Chaim [MISC035]. There are directory listings for “Hyman J. Effren” which I believe are for this Hyman Effren. It may be that Chaim J. is the same as the “Jacob Effren” who turns up in a lot of records, especially ship arrival records including that of Nochem Effren.  In California there was a “William Blatz” who died in the 1950s; he was born in New York in 1870 and his mother’s maiden name was Effren.


>              Isaac “Isidore” “Issie” (Isadore) (Itchok) Effron or Effren, b. 6/25/1880, 4/0/1879, 9/8/1880 or 9/8/1881, Grodno, d. 9/-/1970, Flushing, Queens (or Middletown??) [SSDI215R; NAT002; ARR008; CEN1032; CEN2131; CEN3092; MIL005], married 1909 to Rose (Rosie), b.6/5/1886 or 9/12/1885, Austria, d. 6/-/1971, Flushing, Queens [SSDI494]. He arr. NYC 6/3/1905 (1930 census says arrived in 1913; naturalization says 5/28/1904 on the America), . He last resided in “Vielstadt” (Bialystok?), and he is going to his brother-in-law who lives at 50 Franklin St., Jersey City, NJ. He is single in 1905. She also arrived in 1905. In 1910 he is Isadore Effron, a house painter. In 1915, 1920 and 1923 he lives at 321 E. 121st St. and is a house painter. [DIR018]  He is also a housepainter in 1930. His Social Security application says, in error,  that his father was Hymie Epstein.  He settled in Long Beach, Nassau Cty., NY [RE] and in 1963 when he applied for social security he lived at 217 W. Chester St., Long Beach, NY. They changed the spelling to EFFRON [RE]. One daughter was married to Miller.  One daughter was married to a man with an unusual source of income.  In 1947 he lived at 217 West Chester St., Long Beach. Later his address is listed as c/o Miller, 211-35-23rd Ave., Bayside, NY 11360 [MISC035]


>              >              Nathan “Nat” Effren, b. 4/14/1908, NY [CEN1032; CEN3092; OBIT054;  NYT012??], d. abt. 4/17/1970, married Jean Unknown..  He was a police officer or lifeguard in Long Beach.


>              >              Sally (Sophie) Miller, b. 6/10/1921 or abt. 1911, NY [CEN3092], d. after her brother Nat.  In 1930 she is a stenographer. She is probably the Miller whose address in Bayside is given to the Bialystoker Center [MISC035]


>              >              Mollie, b. 1/5/1917, NY, d. before 1970. She was not listed in Nat’s death notice in 1970.


>              Celia Hollander, b. abt. 1880, Russia, married abt. 1903 to David Hollander, b. abt. 1871 or 1873, Russia. [CEN1033; CEN2132; CEN3093] They arrived in the US in 1896, 1898, 1899 or 1900. In 1920 and 1930 they lived in Jersey City, NJ. In 1910 he was a cobbler and in 1930 his profession was pocketbooks. He worked for Manischewitz and was very religious.  David’s siblings were Dora, who was unmarried or divorced, Arthur (Aaron), Jacob and Rose.  Jacob was b. abt. 1880, arr. Abt. 1901, lived at 123 Franklin St. in J.C. in 1930, was married to Rose and had children Max, b. abt. 1912 and Harold. Jacob lives with David and Celia in 1910.


>              >              Sophie, b. abt. 1904, NJ [CEN3093]


>              >              Shirley (Sarah), b. abt. 1905, NJ [CEN3093]


>              >              Mark (Max), b. 1/1/1907, NJ, [CEN3093] d. 11/1977, Baltimore, MD [SSDI]


>              >              Anna, 5/19/1915, NJ


>              Abraham Effren, b. 7/10/1889, Grodno., d. 11/-/1983, Jersey City, NJ [CEM108; SSDI214; ARR022; CEN2044; CEN3094; MIL006], married on 7/17/1910 in Brooklyn [MAR050] to Pauline (Perel-RE) Hollender, b. abt. 1886 or 1887, Russ., d. 1969 [CEM109]. He arr. NYC 4/4/1906 on the "Potsdam" sailing from Rotterdam. In 1906 he is married (sic), and he is going to his brother, I. Efron, who lives at 50 Franklin St., Jersey City, NJ. In 1920 neither had taken out their citizenship applications. In 1920 they lived at 76 Libriskey St., Jersey City, NJ. He last resided in Bialystok. He is released in care of DY Hollender.  Ronald told me about his aunt Celia Hollender, and that David Hollender and his mother were brother and sister. Their father was Mordecai [CEM109]. In 1917, Abe worked at S. Poley, 282 New York Ave., in Jersey City. In his draft registration papers he says that he is supporting his wife, children and mother (this does not necessarily mean that his mother was in this country). Possibly, Ronald could have been named after Rose (Rochel – Ronald), suggesting that she died somewhere in the early- to mid-1920s. In 1917 he resided at 284 Madison St., Manhattan [DIR003] Might he be the same as Abr. Effran, the tailor who lived at 181 Madison Ave. in 1915-1916 [DIR002]?


>              >              Mack (Max), b. abt. 4/21/1911, NYC, d. 8/28/2001, Pompano Beach, FL [CEN2044; SSDI594; CEN3094], married Evelyn Unknown


>              >              Sophia Preminger, b. abt. 1913, NYC, married Zev Preminger. [CEN2044].  They lived in Israel [RE]


>              >              Herman, married Edith J., b. 7/28/1924, d. 10/23/1997, Fort Lauderdale, FL [SSDI520]. They lived in Norwalk. In 1952 they are listed in the Norwalk directory as owners of Norwalk Appliance Co., and living at Stamford. They appear in the directories for a few years after that. [DIR055].


>              >              Arthur D. (Aaron)


>              >              Ronald S.


>              Dora (Dvorah It?le) Effron, d. 4/13/1946 [MISC035]. Her name came from the Bialystoker Home records.