Chapter 51 Miscellaneous Efron Family References


Baruch Efron of Dvinsk


Baruch Efron, married Vera Gurvitz. Baruch was a dentist. [BIO016]


Only possible relationship to another branch is that there is a Dvora Hurvitz, married to Yitzhak Effron. Three of the childrenof Yitzhak and Dvora are unknown, and they appear to have settled in Israel. If Baruch is the same as Yitzhak (from the Motte branch (father of Shalom Schacne and Meir), then this is the same family. However, Yitzhak’s birth date is believed to be 2/7/1892, so he would be a young, -- but not unheard of -- 18 when Levi was born.



>              Levi, b. 1/4/1909, Dvinsk, d. 8/9/1962, Tel Aviv, married in 1939 to Miriam Leimon. He was a doctor. He studied in the Marcus Broide Jewish gymasium in Lodz, then at the University of Paris. In 1935 he received his doctorate degree and emmigrated to Israel. There, he proposed there be a clinic, which was founded as “Yad Efron” on 7/31/1963, shortly after his death. The clinic was located on Bikurei Ha’ItimTel Aviv. [BIO016]


>              >              Dina Chaitzik, married Dov Chaitzik




                                Ryka (Rifka?)



Tzvi Eliahu Efron of Rehoboth


Tzvi Eliahu, d. abt. 1942, Holocaust.


He was a rabbi in Szczuczyn and Vishnevo (and Rehoboth?). This information is derived from page Resh Shin of Sefer Bet h’Kabarat heshen b’Tel Aviv, and page 361 of Otzer HaRabanim. In the latter book, there is also an entry for a rabbi Tzvi Elimelich, who died in the Holocaust. It looks like this Tzvi Elimelich might be the same as Tzvi Eliahu.


In a letter to the Szczuczyn Landsman Society, dated 12 Adar II,5695 (1935), Tzvi Eliyahu Efron, ABD of Szczuczyn-Bialystok, writes to Yeshayahu: I heard from your father that you have arrived safely in the Land [Palestine]. If you hear of a settlement there in need of a rabbi please recommend me to them. I desire to be there. They would be happy with me. (A note with the letter, from the editors, indicate that Rabbi Efron died in the Holocaust.)


M. Porat, an author and translator of the Volozhin Yizkor book, mentions her/his father’s beautiful cousins, Tsherne and Blooma Efron of Vishnievo.


>              Baruch, b. Vishnevo. He was a rabbi in Nikipol, and was affiliated also with Shtsutsin. He was related to Yehehua Heshel Margolit of Rehoboth.


“Tzvi Efron who was a Rabbi in Szczuczyn until 1932 and was killed in the Holocaust .  He was previously a Rabbi in Vishnive. His full name was Tzvi Eliyahu. I think that he moved to Israel and returned to Europe.”



Walter Ephron of Vienna and NYC


Walter Ephron, b. 9/15/1895, Vienna, d. 12/1972, NYC [NAT030; ARR039; SSDI227], married 10/12/1924, Vienna, to Grete Unknown, b. 2/15/1898, Vienna, d. 7/11/1940, France.  He was an art historian in NYC and sold antiques.  He arrived in the US 9/12/1940 from Lisbon, and had last resided in Paris. When he arrives, he is going to his brother-in-law Jean Lenaner (Have not identified this individual in any other records). [Verify NYT obit for him]. They did not have children.








Otto Efran of Prossnitz, Czcechoslovakia and NYC


Otto Efran, b. 10/8/1883, Prossnitz, Czechoslovakia (Moravia), d. 5/1963 [NAT033; ARR072; SSDI263], married 1/4/1931 in Vienna to Selma (Seina) Unknown, b. 9/5/1888, Misslitz or Nisslede (Moravia), Czechoslovakia [ARR072].  They arrived 2/21/1940 at NYC from Genoa, Italy.  They last resided in Brunn, Czech., where his brother E. Efran lives. In 1940 when he is naturalized he is a cleaner’s clerk, and lives at 600 W. 161st St., NYC. When they arrived they went to Mt. Vernon to his brother-in-law O. Paschkes. They did not have any children.







Jacob, Gizella and Zula  Efrain (Siblings) of Szekely Udvarhely, Hungary


Unknown Efrain


>              Jacob Efrain, b. 4/22/1887, Szekely Udvarhely, Hungary [~CEN20; NAT021], married Julia Unknown, b. Hungary.  He had blond hair and gray eyes.  He arrived in 1910 from Hungary.  In 1921 he lived at 410 E. 121st Street, NY. He arrived 4/27/1910 from Hamburg.  His sisters are probably Gizella and Zula, who arrived between 1942 and 1944 and are going to their brother Jacob in Columbus, OH [ARR--].


>              Gizella


>              Zula








Conrad Efferenn of Germany and Chicago


Conrad Efferenn, b. 1858, Germany, d. before 1930, married Salome (Saloma) Unknown, b. abt. 1861, Germany. In 1930 she lives with her daughter Sophie and Sophie’s family. [CEN0002; CEN2018; CEN3164]. In 1920 she lived in Chicago with her sister and niece, name of Vieger (?). In Chicago directories he is found in 1887-1891 and 1910 and is a blacksmith; Salome is a widow according to the 1928 directory, and probably by 1923 as well, when she is listed.. [DIR039]


There is a town outside of Koln (Cologne) Germany called Efferenn.  There is a history of the Von Efferenn family held at the Family History Library. There is nothing to indicate that this family was Jewish.


>              Sophia (Sophie; born as “C. Sallie”) Chapman, b. 2/28/1885, Chicago, IL [B004], married abt. 1907 to Charles Chapman, b. abt. 1885, IL. In 1930 they live in Chicago. [CEN0002; CEN3164]. In 1930, their two widowed mothers live with them, Regina Chapman and Saloma Efferenn.


>              >              Dorothy, b. abt. 1909, IL. In 1930 Dorothy lives at home and she is a stenographer. [CEN3164]









Ephran Family of Wharton, TX


This family has several entries in the SSDI.










Evron Family of Rhode Island


(see SSDIentries). Still to be researched





Pearl Effron was born approximately 1845. She was the wife of Alex Chaskin according to the death record of Max Chaskin:

Max Chaskin, d. 7/13/1950, Cincinnati, OH. Born 5/10/1863, Russia (FamilySearch)


1930, Cincinnati, OH

3589 Bogart Ave

Chaskin, Max, 60, Russia, arr. 1902, Na, Insur. agent

Anne, 54, Russia, arr 1904, Na

Bess Rossota, dau, 29, England, arr. 1904, Na, Assistant Buyer, Dept. Store

Daniel Rossota, son-in-law, 31, New York of parents b. in Russia, salesman, Dept. Store

Irving Borock, Boarder


1920, Cincinnati

3316 Glenway Avenue

Chaskin, Max, 50, Russia, proprietor, groceries

Anna, 45, Russia

Aleck, 24, England

Bessie, 18, England

Isadore, 15, Ohio

Ruth, 13, Ohio

All arrived 1903 who immigrated, and Na 1910. (various occupations)


In 1910 census, identified as COGSKIN (Ancestry – I corrected), in Cincinnati, with members Max, Annie, Pauline, Alexander, Jane, Bessie, 9, Isaac, 6, Ruth, 5 (last two born in OH). Married 16 years, 6 of 9 children survive. Says that parents emigrated in 1901


Several marriages of children are on Family search, showing that Anna’s family name is Lagoon. They were married in England in 1894, she is indexed under the name Layan. (Ancestry)


They are in the 1901 England census in St. George’s in the East, London, as Marks, 1869, Anna, 1873, Polly, 1894, London, Alick, 1896, London, Janie, 1899, also in London. (Image on Ancestry, initially indexed as “Chasteen” (I corrected it). He is a Book Finisher. Both came from Russia.


Index of English births has Pollie b. 2Q1895, Elya b. 2Q1896, Jane 2Q1897


Marks Cheskin arr 8/20/1902 at St. Albans, from Mohile-, going to brother in law, Samuel Markowitz in NY, at 1712 (illeg)


Annie Cheskin/Chaskin, 30, arrived at St. Albans 8/1903 with children Polly, Alec, Jane and Betsy, ages 8, 7, 4 and 1. To husband Max Cheskin, 551 W. 6th St., Cincinnati, O.


Alex b.4/5/1896, per military record (radio operator, trained at Harvard)


From a family tree on Ancestry, I learned that the name is Russotto, and they had a son Irving, who in turn had two children. Irving married Slovis.


I learned that Daniel’s daughter is: Cecile (Russotto) Arnold and that Irving was married to Myrna Slovis, part of the Atlanta Slovis family that also has connections to the Stein/Dess/Efron clan and Irving and Myrna live in Knoxville, and have children Dan and Wendy (she is from a prior marriage of Myrna).


Unable to find family in Mogilev or any other old world records.